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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Delta Media Group releases new Open Houses layout

You may notice a slightly different lay-out on your Open Houses page.

The open house search options that used to fill the top of the page are now hidden behind a collapsed "Show Search Criteria" button, which opens the search criteria when clicked. The button allows website visitors to immediately view open houses, but also narrow their open house search results at will.

There's a delicate balance Web designers deal with in real estate between displaying listings and displaying property search features.

Statistics show listing results tend to produce a lower bounce rate and longer time on site, whereas property search features are necessary for website visitors to view a select category of listings.

With the previous open house search criteria at the top of the page, listings were pushed "below the fold," meaning website visitors were forced to scroll down to view listings.

The new interface was designed to keep visitors on the page and encourage them to view listings and interact within the Open Houses page, thus keeping them on your website longer, and searching through more properties.

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