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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stats System Upgrades

Update 1 Posted August 31, 2010

Delta Media Group will be performing system upgrades from 9am EDT Monday, August 30, 2010 until 5pm EDT Thursday, September 2, 2010 to all statistical functions of the DeltaNet System.  During this time “stat reports” will not be available and reports based on stats, such as “Seller Reports” will not be sent. Replacing the standard “Seller Report” during this period will be an email explaining the situation and thanking them for their patience.  (See sample below)

Why do this upgrade?
We have been collecting billions of statistical records from listing and user activity for many years. There is a wealth of valuable information that we can use to enhance the reports that we provide our Broker/Agent customers and their customers but in order to accomplish this we need upgrade the servers we use for this process.

What features are being planned?
We are planning and working on upgrades to current key systems on the Delta Platform including the Lead System, My Portfolio System, and Seller Reports. Additionally, new systems are planned that require additional capacity to serve the 35,000 web sites we manage.

Is any data going to be missing when the system returns to normal?
Statistical data will continue to be collected during this upgrade period and all data, including data collected during the upgrade, will be available once the system is back online.

What is the notice going out in my Seller Reports?
Here is a copy of what is going out in the Seller Reports while the system is disabled:

“Upgrades are being performed on the system this week and I am unable to send your Seller Report today.  During this ‘down time” statistics are being collected and your report will return to normal next week. Thank you for your patience.  I look forward to sending your enhanced report next week.”

I have questions.
If you have any questions please contact customer service at
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