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Friday, March 4, 2011

Delta Media Group Introduces QR Code Signs

Listing signs are no longer enough. Consumers drive by them, often not noticing or remembering the listing agent’s website, E-mail address or phone number.

But there is a new way to capture more traffic and generate more leads direct from listing signs. By use of QR Codes.

Delta Media Group recently released integrated QR Code signs, which can link to the listing detail page on your Delta Media Group-built website, encouraging customers to contact an agent directly for more information on a listing they scan, and tracking all QR scans from consumers.

QR, or “Quick Response,” Codes are easy-to-use bar codes that are scan-able by apps available on smartphones. When scanned, Delta Media Group’s QR Code signs send consumers to a website associated with the Code, complete with lead capture options and integrated tracking. Delta Media Group's Lead Management system has been programmed to track every scan of the code, allowing agents and brokerages using the QR Code signs to better record market penetration and ROI.

Though most agents and brokerages are using the codes on listing signs to send interested consumers to the listing’s website, codes can be reassigned, allowing brokerages and agents to point them toward future listing websites, direct pages on a website, or even an agent recruiting website.

For those agents and brokerages using Delta Media Group’s Mobile real estate websites, the QR Codes will send consumers to a listing detail page specially built specific for mobile phones.

Delta Media Group is already displaying QR Codes on printable fliers generated from listing detail pages on real estate websites we build. The QR Code signs are the next step in our line of QR Code integration.

QR Codes are quickly being integrated worldwide as a quick and easy call-to-action to push walk-by traffic and print advertising to a website associated with a company or product. This convergence gives companies better capabilities to “capture” customers by way of them submitting an online lead. Once an online request has been submitted, Delta Media Group’s Lead Management system immediately notifies the real estate agent of their new lead opportunity and tracks the agent’s interaction with their customer and the customer’s actions on the real estate website.

For more information and educational videos on Delta Media Group’s QR Code signs, visit our QR Code sign page.