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Friday, October 28, 2011

Home Buyers are Looking for More Information

Home buyers today are looking for the most information possible when searching for properties. This is why our MyHomeFinder System is getting an upgrade on Monday and will now feature matching listings that have an upcoming Open House, listings that have been reduced in price and listings that have come back on the market but aren't necessarily re-listed.

The Open House check occurs on emails that are sent out on Thursdays and Fridays each week.

Please see the example email below...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Communication with Property Sellers is Important

Example Seller Report
We all know that communication in anything we do is important. I would go as far as saying that communication is a huge key to unlocking success.

One of the tools that we have in the Delta Platform is something we call Seller Reports.

Seller Reports automatically sends weekly email updates for Realtors® to their sellers. For years this email has provided traffic information on the properties for sale and it was just upgraded to also include current competing similar properties on the market and similar properties that have gone pending.

Understanding that some Realtors® may not want to email out the competing properties or the pending properties we have also given the ability to disable these sections of the report.

From all the feedback we have received over the years sellers love this type of communication from their Realtor®.

Also built into Seller Reports is the ability to choose the day of the week the report goes out, the ability to send multiple emails to multiple recipients and the ability for the Realtor® to be copied on the emails as well. The Realtor® also has the ability to customize the greeting message.

If you aren’t using these reports with your sellers you should seriously consider starting!