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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quick Search Updates

In a continual effort to create the best customer experience possible we have upgraded the Quick Property Search System again. The Quick Property Search now auto-highlights the top matching result based on the total number of matching listings. See the attached screen shot example below showing how we searched for "Can" on a local site and it automatically fills in and selects "Canton, OH" since it is the top matching result.

Try it out yourself: Go to the DeHoff Realtors® web site and type in Can.

This change has been made live on all sites using the Quick Property Search Feature.

Earlier this month we also released the following features:

  • If you did a search for a zip code by typing the zip code and pressing enter, we would only search in the company's default search state. Now the script will figure out that its a zip code and will search for only that zip code with no state restriction
  • The results in the autocomplete drop down are now ordered by listing counts, grouped by state

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Forget Real Estate. Be Thankful.

This is likely one of the few weeks of the year when real estate isn’t the first thing on your mind.

You have a growing grocery list, your in-laws are coming to town, the spare bedroom looks like a unit in an episode of “Storage Wars,” and the kids might be less hyper had they just eaten a dozen Pixy Stix rather than picked up on their impending break from school.

You owe it to your family to put them first, if just for this week. But can your business, in a tight economy and less-than-stellar housing market, afford to lose your focus?


It’s a simple word, yet one that so often gets overlooked.

When you get up each morning, your trust your car will run. Maybe it has problems from time to time, but you don’t have to check on it every 15 minutes to make sure it didn’t break down on you.

When you come home from work, you trust your house protected your belongings and loved ones from the elements. You didn’t have to run home during lunch to make sure your roof was still functional and your windows were still intact.

Trust is the root of every daily ritual. It’s the fundamental element of peace of mind. Without it, chaos would conquer.


Systems are built to create streamline processes. Streamlining helps create peace of mind. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that what you have just works, even when you might struggle to find the time or energy to dedicate to it.

The DeltaNet was built to provide peace of mind. It was designed to think how a real estate agent thinks, which allows it to work the way a real estate agent works. Unlike you, it doesn’t celebrate holidays. Instead, it allows you to.

While you’re grocery shopping this Thanksgiving, the DeltaNet will be growing the lead and prospect lists of tens of thousands of real estate agents. While you’re entertaining in-laws, its CRM will be updating your customer files. While you open your house to your family, it will be informing thousands of other families of the upcoming open houses they might have interest in. When you go to sleep at night, it will allow you to rest, knowing you can log in and pick up right where you left off before that trip to the grocery and all the madness that followed.

Be thankful for your family and loved ones this Thanksgiving. Be thankful of the time you get to spend with them, the food you get to eat and the country you get to do it in. And just know that, while your heart and mind align in the right place, everything will be just fine without you worrying about it.

For more information on how the DeltaNet works even when you’re not, contact Delta Media Group at 866-233-9833.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Answer the phone or just go home?

It’s 5:45pm and you’re on your way out of the office. The laptop is in your briefcase, you already called your wife to tell her you’ll be home soon, and your jacket is half-way on. Meanwhile, you’re half-way out the door and your mind’s halfway home.

This is one of the last moments you want the phone to ring.

But why not? How could you turn down another opportunity for more business? Besides, people usually leave work around 5pm, and 30-45 minutes later is right around that time where the serious ones might look to inquire about that house for sale—the one they’ve passed every day over the past two weeks, admiring it more each time. They finally got home from a day on the job and remembered what it was they keep telling themselves they need to remember when they get home. Call about that house.

“It might be out of our range, but it has been on the market for a few weeks. It’s bigger, and a lot closer to work. It’s at least worth checking out.”

You don’t want to miss this phone call. Even if you arm gets tangled in your coat, your brief case is forgotten at the office and your wife waits an extra 15 minutes, the last thing you want to do is ignore a potential client.

But your phone makes a different sound this time. It’s shorter, and stops after one chime. It’s the sound of a text, telling you there’s a new lead waiting for you on the DeltaNet, your Web-based back-office, only seconds after your new potential client submitted a showing request on your website. Make sure your coat’s on before deciding to glance at the lead right from your phone. Once you do, you’ll see the exact house your next potential client wants to know about.

“I’ll give him a call on my way home to confirm the showing he requested,” you think. “Or maybe I’ll shoot him back a quick email and call him when I get home.”

Either way, the DeltaNet has already sent him an email back, direct from you with your picture on it. When he receives your call, he’ll feel like you’ve already spoken. Once you do, he’ll feel even more like he knows you.

Touch base with the client, confirm the showing, and shoot him a follow-up email tonight with the other comparable listings for sale in that price range in the same neighborhood. Shoot him another email next week with new listings in the market, and others nearby that he also might be interested in checking out. Even if he makes an offer on the house he contacted you about, he’ll at least know what else is available around him, and for what price.

What he won’t know is you didn’t make those emails, the DeltaNet did. It searched the new listings for you, gathering those that matched some of the characteristics he was looking for. It even threw in a few houses you wouldn’t have thought of—ones nearby that could prove to be a better fit, now that he knows about them.

Your new client is pretty happy with how much you’ve helped him. You’re happy with how little it took to do it.

And just think—it’s all because you didn’t get that phone call.

For more information on how the DeltaNet works even when you’re not, contact Delta Media Group at 866-233-9833.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Frozen Pizza and Free Time

It was a long day in the office.

You’re happy to be home, but your attention is immediately divided between what to fix for dinner and whether the kids have finished their homework.

Somewhere between “grilled cheese” and “frozen pizza,” you find your mind wandering back to the office, where you left that note with the info of the person who called for you today. You meant to get back to him ASAP, but your title agency lost a file, sending you scurrying through your emails, and the water cooler conversation about who got kicked off “Dancing with the Stars” was too tempting an escape to try and escape from.

No worries. The note is on your desk. You know exactly where, too…You think, at least. And you can call and apologize about the delay once you get in the office in the morning. Oh shoot. You have a showing in the morning. Well, you can call him by 11am. Early afternoon, at latest.

And that’s the way you used to do business. “Used to,” because it dawned on you the phone number that might have previously made its way to your cluttered desk on another post-it note was actually this time sent to you online. And that gentlemen’s name—which you forgot somewhere between the drive home and the bitter taste put in your mouth by the thought of frozen pizza—is actually saved in your CRM. So is the time he called, who he spoke with, what he was interested in, how soon he was interested in it and his email address, since you just realized it may be too late to call him right now.

The oven is on, the frozen pizza is in it, you have 15 minutes before indulging, and you turn on the computer, log into the DeltaNet and find Dave (you knew his name started with a “D”!) in your CRM. While you’re there you shoot him a quick email explaining a little of your day, promise you’ll call him mid-day tomorrow, and program the system to alert you, reminding you to call.

While you’re at it you recognize Dave has a particular interest in a nearby neighborhood, and mentioned to your administrator he’s looking for a home with at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and would prefer it sits on at least ½ an acre and has a deck so he can entertain friends and family.

You set Dave up with a MyHomeFinder account, detailing those notes so Dave receives only the qualifying houses in the neighborhood, delivered to his email every few days direct from you. When Dave opens those emails he’ll see info, pictures and links to view those houses direct on your real estate website. He’ll also see the options to schedule a showing for the house or ask a question about it. In addition, he’ll see upcoming local open houses, local homes pending sales, listings with reduced prices and listings that are now back on the market. Dave just became much more informed and you breathed a sigh of relief, knowing the customer you might have lost will likely instead become a raving fan.

Now what should you do with those extra 10 minutes before the pizza’s done cooking? Maybe it’s time to see if the kids really have done their homework. Besides, you just did yours.

For more information on how Delta Media Group’s CRM and MyHomeFinder systems can help make your life easier and your business better, contact us at 866-233-9833.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pushing Past Post-it Notes: Lead Distribution Done Right

Leads are often the enigma of the real estate agency. You don’t have enough. You can’t track the ones you have. You have too many to distribute properly.

The economy is down and real estate has suffered. You’ve heard it all before. But there are good, qualified buyers out there searching for the right price on the right home, and looking to work with a brokerage and agent that will help them find it in a reasonable time with the right amount of knowledge and “hold the overselling, please.”

You need leads coming to your company. Not just new people you “friended” on Facebook, but a legitimate person interested in finding more information online and looking to you to provide that information.

You need those leads to be distributed properly to your agents, not by untrackable emails or post-it notes left at the desks of agents who may or may not stop by the office this afternoon. You need to have the satisfaction to know the leads are being sent to the right people on the right rotation, and being dealt with even if the receiver is busy at the moment.

You need to know when you lay your head down for the night—one of the busiest times people search for real estate online—that any leads coming in are still being distributed, and not just piling up in your inbox, where in the morning you’ll have a surplus of nine-hour old emails from prospects who may have stopped by another real estate website after visiting yours.

Rest assured tonight. Your system, from Delta Media Group, does all these things. Your company’s leads went out as notifications to the applicable agents whose turn it was and who were qualified to work with the customer based on the areas they serve. Those leads went to multiple agents, so the one who first responds will capture the customer as her own, but another agent will be informed of the lead if the first round of receivers don’t respond. And best of all, those leads are fully trackable. When you get in the office and log into the DeltaNet, you’ll see what leads came in over night, who they were distributed to, who first responded to “capture” them, how soon he or she responded, how they responded and the next scheduled action with that prospect, who may have just become a customer.

Your prospects should become leads. Your leads should become customers. And your website should help them convert, all while you work to monitor that functional, well-oiled machine, rather than try and run it all yourself.

For more information on how Delta Media Group’s Lead Management system can help your brokerage generate more, efficient business, contact us at 866-233-9833.