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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Frozen Pizza and Free Time

It was a long day in the office.

You’re happy to be home, but your attention is immediately divided between what to fix for dinner and whether the kids have finished their homework.

Somewhere between “grilled cheese” and “frozen pizza,” you find your mind wandering back to the office, where you left that note with the info of the person who called for you today. You meant to get back to him ASAP, but your title agency lost a file, sending you scurrying through your emails, and the water cooler conversation about who got kicked off “Dancing with the Stars” was too tempting an escape to try and escape from.

No worries. The note is on your desk. You know exactly where, too…You think, at least. And you can call and apologize about the delay once you get in the office in the morning. Oh shoot. You have a showing in the morning. Well, you can call him by 11am. Early afternoon, at latest.

And that’s the way you used to do business. “Used to,” because it dawned on you the phone number that might have previously made its way to your cluttered desk on another post-it note was actually this time sent to you online. And that gentlemen’s name—which you forgot somewhere between the drive home and the bitter taste put in your mouth by the thought of frozen pizza—is actually saved in your CRM. So is the time he called, who he spoke with, what he was interested in, how soon he was interested in it and his email address, since you just realized it may be too late to call him right now.

The oven is on, the frozen pizza is in it, you have 15 minutes before indulging, and you turn on the computer, log into the DeltaNet and find Dave (you knew his name started with a “D”!) in your CRM. While you’re there you shoot him a quick email explaining a little of your day, promise you’ll call him mid-day tomorrow, and program the system to alert you, reminding you to call.

While you’re at it you recognize Dave has a particular interest in a nearby neighborhood, and mentioned to your administrator he’s looking for a home with at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and would prefer it sits on at least ½ an acre and has a deck so he can entertain friends and family.

You set Dave up with a MyHomeFinder account, detailing those notes so Dave receives only the qualifying houses in the neighborhood, delivered to his email every few days direct from you. When Dave opens those emails he’ll see info, pictures and links to view those houses direct on your real estate website. He’ll also see the options to schedule a showing for the house or ask a question about it. In addition, he’ll see upcoming local open houses, local homes pending sales, listings with reduced prices and listings that are now back on the market. Dave just became much more informed and you breathed a sigh of relief, knowing the customer you might have lost will likely instead become a raving fan.

Now what should you do with those extra 10 minutes before the pizza’s done cooking? Maybe it’s time to see if the kids really have done their homework. Besides, you just did yours.

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