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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pushing Past Post-it Notes: Lead Distribution Done Right

Leads are often the enigma of the real estate agency. You don’t have enough. You can’t track the ones you have. You have too many to distribute properly.

The economy is down and real estate has suffered. You’ve heard it all before. But there are good, qualified buyers out there searching for the right price on the right home, and looking to work with a brokerage and agent that will help them find it in a reasonable time with the right amount of knowledge and “hold the overselling, please.”

You need leads coming to your company. Not just new people you “friended” on Facebook, but a legitimate person interested in finding more information online and looking to you to provide that information.

You need those leads to be distributed properly to your agents, not by untrackable emails or post-it notes left at the desks of agents who may or may not stop by the office this afternoon. You need to have the satisfaction to know the leads are being sent to the right people on the right rotation, and being dealt with even if the receiver is busy at the moment.

You need to know when you lay your head down for the night—one of the busiest times people search for real estate online—that any leads coming in are still being distributed, and not just piling up in your inbox, where in the morning you’ll have a surplus of nine-hour old emails from prospects who may have stopped by another real estate website after visiting yours.

Rest assured tonight. Your system, from Delta Media Group, does all these things. Your company’s leads went out as notifications to the applicable agents whose turn it was and who were qualified to work with the customer based on the areas they serve. Those leads went to multiple agents, so the one who first responds will capture the customer as her own, but another agent will be informed of the lead if the first round of receivers don’t respond. And best of all, those leads are fully trackable. When you get in the office and log into the DeltaNet, you’ll see what leads came in over night, who they were distributed to, who first responded to “capture” them, how soon he or she responded, how they responded and the next scheduled action with that prospect, who may have just become a customer.

Your prospects should become leads. Your leads should become customers. And your website should help them convert, all while you work to monitor that functional, well-oiled machine, rather than try and run it all yourself.

For more information on how Delta Media Group’s Lead Management system can help your brokerage generate more, efficient business, contact us at 866-233-9833.
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