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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quick Search Updates

In a continual effort to create the best customer experience possible we have upgraded the Quick Property Search System again. The Quick Property Search now auto-highlights the top matching result based on the total number of matching listings. See the attached screen shot example below showing how we searched for "Can" on a local site and it automatically fills in and selects "Canton, OH" since it is the top matching result.

Try it out yourself: Go to the DeHoff Realtors® web site and type in Can.

This change has been made live on all sites using the Quick Property Search Feature.

Earlier this month we also released the following features:

  • If you did a search for a zip code by typing the zip code and pressing enter, we would only search in the company's default search state. Now the script will figure out that its a zip code and will search for only that zip code with no state restriction
  • The results in the autocomplete drop down are now ordered by listing counts, grouped by state
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