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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Shopping Made Easier

Have you ever sat back and wondered just how it is you ever make it through Christmas shopping?

You’re busier than ever, the new year is almost here, your family seems to grow each holiday season and just remembering who to buy for is a chore, let alone remembering what gifts they do (and don’t) want.

But man (or woman) is innovative. He/she invented lists. And lists became chores. And chores became reminders. And somewhere along the line, reminders went from refrigerator notes and rolodexes to cell phone notes and notifications.

How much easier is life now? The one thing you carry with you at all times has all your friends, all your family members, the items they want for Christmas and their contact information, for when you inevitably find yourself picking between two shirts and wondering if he’ll fit in a large because it’s the last one of that particular style left in this store. And it’s easy to use. A few swipes of the finger and everything’s in front of you, right where you left it.

Perhaps technology can be most appreciated under these circumstances, when we find ourselves dealing with painstaking annual tasks and, suddenly, we discover an easier way. Perhaps it takes looking back, cringing at the thought of how we used to do things, to truly appreciate how far technology has come, and how much easier life is as a result.

Many real estate agents might be thinking that way this Christmas. While they’re texting relatives to confirm a Christmas item, their DeltaNet is texting them lead notifications the moment their website receives a new lead.

While they’re scanning a QR code on an ad to view a sale, a potential customer is scanning a QR code on one of their signs or fliers in front of one of their listings, and the agent is getting notified (again) instantly by text message.

And as satisfying as it is when they find the present they’re looking for in the place they’re looking at the price they’re assuming, it’s just as satisfying when they log into a system that works—a system that’s designed with an agent in mind, with a fresh interface laid out to accomplish three goals: to drive more business, to make life easier and to be more efficient.

Username. Password. Enter.

And there it is—your entire office in front of you. You see your active customers and their most recent activity online, your to-do list for the day and week, your calendar, upcoming special days, and company news. It’s all on your welcome page, because you laid it out that way with easy-to-use widgets. Straight from there you add that new customer you met, make a note to call her next week and add her birthday to your calendar, so you can send her a card in two months.

Of course, you can do much more, whether it be reviewing your leads, updating your website, adding a few pictures and comments to a listing, or seeing how your site is performing online. But you just logged in quickly this time to see your customer activity and schedule. Besides, you have a little more shopping to do.

Now if only the DeltaNet could wrap presents, it just might be the perfect holiday companion.

The new DeltaNet is rolling out in the coming weeks.Contact Delta Media Group to learn more at 866-233-9833.
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