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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year?

Some would say it's the most wonderful time of the year.

Others might say it's the busiest.

The kids are off of school, the days are getting shorter, the weather's growing colder--and those are just the beginning of your worries.

Are you traveling? Are the in-laws coming to your place this year? Do you have enough food, beds, sheets and towels to accommodate them all?

These are a myriad of the thoughts that flood our minds during the second and third weeks of each December. No matter how early we start getting ready and how many times we tell ourselves, "I'm going to be more prepared for this next year," it just never seems to work out that way.

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of holiday cheer is what's important--your job--and what's really important--your family. Your job shouldn't be ignored. Your family can't be. But all too often we reverse those priorities, overloading ourselves with what we need to do so we can buy what we want to buy and have the Christmas we hoped to have.

So Merry Christmas! It will be this weekend, and we'll soon be bringing a gift to you for the occasion.

Delta Media Group is pleased to announce the new DeltaNet will be released the first week of the year. If you’re not familiar with it, you may soon find out it’s your best Christmas present (no offense, significant others).

Remember the Christmas when you were wrapping up work, while you should have been wrapping presents?

Remember the Christmas your clients and coworkers felt like your family, but your family didn’t?

Remember the Christmas you were married to work, but not to your spouse?

Your family members remember those years, and they'd prefer to spend their holidays with you, rather than the shell that shows up who's mind is elsewhere.

You’ve worked hard, you’ve made it where you are today and your family is appreciative of what you’ve provided them. Now it’s time to start appreciating yourself and your free time a little more. Imagine relaxing Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, during Christmas shopping, knowing your business is taken care of while you enjoy your family.

With a quick log-in to the DeltaNet, you can see what clients your website has touched base with recently on your behalf, because while you were busy spending Christmas with your family, the DeltaNet was busy following up with those who are looking for their first home, other homes for sale in the area, and recently visiting your real estate website to search properties online. The new DeltaNet shows you those clients, their most recent actions, and what they’ve done on your website—whether it be setting up a MyHomeFinder account to receive new listings by email, saving property searches of areas and home specs they like, or saving properties they have interest in.

At quick glance, the new DeltaNet also displays your to-do list. No need to try and remember the Christmas presents you need to buy AND the clients you need to call. The DeltaNet has you covered.

What’s going on this week? What's happening during the days you’re off for Christmas? How about when you return to the office after the holiday weekend--how busy will that be? Your calendar will fill you in on those meetings, showings and other follow-up items.

Christmas is a special day. So are birthdays and anniversaries. Are any of your clients celebrating them this or next month? Those give you a reason to reach out to your clients, and your clients a reason to remember, appreciate and refer you to others. And the new DeltaNet remembers these days from your clients’ profiles, and will remind you of them as well.

Every bit of this will occur on your home screen, without you having to navigate through pages of confusing links and tabs that may take up more of your time than it's worth.

The new DeltaNet does quite a bit more for you. And you can do quite a bit more when you’re using the new DeltaNet. So celebrate Christmas. Spend it with your family. Delta Media Group has your gift, and it has the rest of your schedule covered.

For more information on how Delta Media Group’s new DeltaNet can help make holidays your most wonderful time of the year, contact us at 866-233-9833.
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