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Friday, December 30, 2011

A quick, new approach for slow, old leads

Remember that day three months back?

A lot has happened since then, but it will come to you when you start reviewing the details.

It started as a casual conversation. You were waiting in line at the grocery store, or maybe a coffee shop. For whatever reason, things took unusually long that day. You made a quip, the person in line next to you laughed. A brief conversation ensued.

You needed to be somewhere for work. She did too. It was mentioned you’re in real estate. She mentioned she might need your services early next year.

“With the kids going back to school and fall coming and the holidays toward the end of the year, we’re not even thinking about that right now,” she said. “But touch base with me around the end of the year. I’d like to chat with you and see what we need to do to get our house listed and find a larger place.”

Yeah, that conversation. It was one of a handful you had over the course of a few months. Now what was her name again? What were the names of those other three people you spoke with? Or was it four? Do you still even have the notebook where you wrote all this down?

Then you remember where those names are. You saved them in your online office—the one with the CRM and the customer notes. They’re a few of the several hundred names in there, recorded over the past few years. How do you even start searching through them?

Then you remember you don’t just have that online office with the pseudo-CRM and customer notes any longer. This year you switched to Delta Media Group. Your back office is the DeltaNet, and your capabilities are infinitely greater, and infinitely easier to use.

Example: Search for customer "stephen"
You have a Quick Search built into the DeltaNet, right at the top of the screen, where you’d expect it to be. You start typing a name, or just a word. It suggests the answers for you. You click on one and you’re there.

Don’t remember the name? You type in a time frame. Or keyword. You remember writing “grocery store” on the Mystery Lead. You start typing in “grocery” and by the time your finger hits the “O,” it and all other leads you met at any grocery store over your career are in front of you. With one click you have her file, notes and contact info in front of you. Her name’s Margaret. You met her September 19 at Sam’s Club. Her husband’s name is Greg, she has two children, her house is 1,100 square feet and she’s looking for one with four bedrooms.

That was quick.
DeltaNet Intranet home screen

Now you can start carrying on with what you aimed to do—find the names of the other people you collected over the past few months who wanted to talk at the beginning of the year, and start following up with them.

“Margaret!” you say when she answers the phone. “I hope you had a nice Christmas.” You proceed to ask about her family, her job and if she’s still interested in looking for a larger place.

“We’re so ready to get out of this house,” she vents. “It just seems like we’re outgrowing it every day. But we need to sell our house before we can move into something else.”

You nod in agreement, knowing you can help. She can’t see you through the phone, but you reassure her, nonetheless. You’ll soon do the same for the others.

Your Delta Media Group Quick Search has its name for a reason—and you now see why. Maybe you can run to the grocery store with all that time you saved…and start looking for more leads.

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