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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Estate: A walk in the park

Tim grabbed the leash and headed toward the door. Molly, his golden retriever of the past five years, followed close behind, knowing what this meant.

As he did each Saturday morning, Tim snapped the leash on the collar of his trusty sidekick, grabbed the newspaper on his way down the driveway, and turned the corner toward the neighborhood park, only two blocks away.

During the course of that morning Tim, who had an itch of a small thought toward a big move in life, would be exposed to real estate. He passed a house for sale on his way to the park. He sat on a park bench graced with the vinyl of a local real estate agent’s smiling face. He opened the newspaper, where he could read about some of the hundreds of local homes for sale.

Fifteen years ago, when Tim bought his first house, these advertisements connected with him. After all, he had nowhere else to turn to find information about real estate then.

But this morning, when Tim got that inkling, he pulled out his mobile phone, opened a Web browser and searched for homes for sale nearby. Planning on spending only a few moments on the task before Molly was ready to drag him back home, Tim found three homes he thought were nice. He wanted more information, so he used the button on the website to ask a question. He wasn’t optimistic it would get answered soon, but he figured it was worth a try.

Tim called Molly, gathered up his quarter-read newspaper and started out of the park. Before he made it to the gate, his phone rang. It was a local real estate agent, introducing himself and letting Tim know he just emailed him a list of the homes Tim had inquired about and could schedule a showing for any of the three this week. He also mentioned that Tim would receive another email later in week, complete with additional listings in the area—all similar to those Tim liked. Other emails with more similar listings were to come, if Tim liked.

Tim is a lead. He doesn't want to view himself as such because he wants his questions answered without being oversold or spammed.

Tim--typically somewhat of a skeptic--doesn't need to know how this process worked, just that it did. And it worked to his benefit.

The agent isn't quite sure about the nuances of how the process worked for him either. But he's happy. His website just showed up well in the search engines, he received a detailed lead instantly, and he used his online tools to quickly email listing information to Tim, schedule another email with similar listings, and schedule a reminder for himself of when to follow up with Tim.

The agent might have just earned Tim's business. Tim's inkling toward a new home might have grown legs.

By the time Tim returned home and poured a cup of water in Molly's dish, his mind had gone from the park bench, sale sign and discarded newspaper to the coffee pot. But it would return to real estate soon, when Tim would check his email to find more details on the homes he found online. He would show them to his wife, and likely look to schedule a showing for later in the week.

What a walk in the park that process became.

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