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Friday, December 9, 2011

'Tis the season for company Christmas parties

Your husband’s work’s Christmas party is an interesting one, to say the least.

You’re seated at a table of people you don't know, you feel like you’re only one there who doesn't know anyone else, and your husband's boss, a few beers deep, keeps pulling him away to talk football.

You've had a couple glasses of wine yourself. Not enough that you really feel it, but something to take the edge away from the island you feel like you've been left stranded on.

You finally lean in to start a conversation with the friendly but quiet couple seated across from you. You've judged by their uncertain faces that they're about as comfortable there as you are.

Small talk turns to chitchat, which soon evolves to substance. You’re getting to know your husband’s co-worker, Jim, and his wife Nancy, who he hardly knows.

As occupation makes its way into the conversation, you mention you’re a real estate agent.

“Oh really? With which agency,” Nancy replies, and you sense you’re not speaking a foreign language.

“Jim and I have actually been talking about looking for a bigger home, but, you know, you hear so much bad on the news about home prices, and in this economy…we just don’t know.”

Normally you were born for this. But these aren’t the best conditions. You’re here for your husband, not to network. Besides, you’re getting tired and they don’t have a business card.

“I hear that a lot from clients I work with,” you respond. “This economy has certainly caused some fear. But there are actually a lot of great real estate opportunities our there right now.”

You didn’t bring much with you tonight, but you do have your phone, which can get you logged into the DeltaNet.

“Would you be interested in some of the reports I have?” you ask. “Great. I’ll just jot down some of your information in my notes.”

Within seconds you’re logged into your mobile office. You access your CRM and enter your new friends’ names and contact info. You add a note that you met them at your husband’s work party. You add them to the campaign you set up for the other customers you’ve worked with similar to this couple—those who know it may be time to make a move, but have been discouraged from doing so because of what they’ve heard reported in the media. That campaign includes a weekly email that discusses the amount of buyers in the market, the low prices available, and the record low interest rates that may not last much longer. All emails from the campaign will come directly from you.

You schedule yourself a follow-up reminder to touch base after the holidays, when Jim and Nancy mentioned they’d like to sit down with you and review what’s available and what might fit their price range.

“We’re just really kind of new to this whole real estate thing,” Jim says.

You nod in agreement, assuring them you understand and can help make the process easier. Besides, you’ve already done the next two weeks’ work.

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