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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Navigating your New Year's resolutions

Did you buy that gym membership yet?

Are you eating healthier? Getting to bed earlier?

If you’re anything like most people, you’ve probably spent a portion of the past week thinking about your New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re anything like most real estate agents, many of those resolutions also have to do with improving your business.

“I want to do a better job following up with my clients.”

“I want to ask for more referrals.”

“I want to be more efficient in my business.”

“I want to grow my online presence and gain more business from the Web.”

Those are all lofty goals, and ones that you’d probably like to permanently apply to your daily business. But New Year’s provides a great reason to buckle down now, and holds you accountable to carry on with your resolutions throughout the year.

There are two tough parts to every New Year’s resolution. The first is how to start. The second is how to continue. And, as you’ve likely found, the more you delay it, the less likely you are of ever fulfilling the resolution you vowed to see through.

So you hop on your laptop. You look at your calendar, which is up to date on the DeltaNet. You have four events in the next week, including two listing presentations and a showing. There are a few opportunities for new business.

You check and see if you have any new leads that you haven’t processed yet. There’s one—you forgot about it, but your office manager mentioned it when you chatted with her on your drive home from that meeting. Another opportunity.

You glance at who has recently been active on your real estate website. Seven people. You check what they were looking at and ask yourself if you’ve recently sent any new listing information to them. You see that you have. Each has received a New Listing Notification email from you this week with listings for sale in the areas they’re looking for. Two of those emails even show listings in the area that just went back on the market. You view those listings and remind yourself to call them tomorrow and see if they have interest in any of them. Added to your “To-Do” list.

That has you thinking…isn’t one of your clients’ birthdays coming up? Or was it his anniversary? Oh yeah. Birthday. Tomorrow. And three other clients have birthdays next week. You’ll have to remember to shoot them an email. You go ahead and schedule that now. It’s been a couple years since you helped them buy their house, but maybe they have a friend or relative who’s starting to look.

Any new news from your brokerage? It looks like they scheduled an office training for next week. You add that to your calendar as well.

Five minutes and the work that used to take you hours is already finished for the day. Not only have you not left your laptop, but you haven’t even left the welcome screen of the new DeltaNet.

Follow-up? Ask about referrals? Efficiency? New business opportunities? Check, check, check and check.

As a matter of fact, you have enough time left over to add a few more New Year’s resolutions to your list.

Now about that gym membership…

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