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Friday, January 20, 2012

Paula's dream home, back on the market

Paula couldn’t help but fall in love with the house on Main Street.

She drove past it several times over the years, constantly imagining how she would decorate it if it could one day be hers.

So you could picture her excitement the day she noticed the “For Sale” sign in the front yard. She stopped at the store on the way home from the office, turned on to Main Street on the way back from the store and there was the sign, propped in the front lawn like a trophy with her name on it.

She barged through her door almost as soon as she pulled into her driveway.

“We have to schedule a showing! Are you good this weekend?” she emphatically asked her husband. He was, and Paula took to the Web, quickly Googled the house, clicked on the first real estate website she saw and requested a showing.

She heard back the same day...but the news wasn’t good.

“I’m sorry,” the real estate agent said on the phone. “There’s already an offer on the table for the listing you requested to see. But we can help you find another house.”

Paula was devastated. There were no other homes of her dreams. The one on Main Street—that she had waited to see go up for sale for so many years—had. And she was too late.

Paula might have known earlier had she more actively been in the market. She would have probably been notified had she previously set up a My Home Finder account on the real estate website. But questioning the “what ifs” didn’t help anything. Frustrated from getting her hopes up only to feel them crashing down, Paula forgot about real estate for a while.

That’s why it was such a surprise the morning she found the listing was back on the market. She discovered as much not by driving past it—the “For Sale” was still in the yard from the last time it was listed—but from an early morning email from the real estate company.

“Listings Back on the Market,” the email read, and Paula was stunned to see that very home right underneath the title. She immediately called the real estate agent.

“I just got your email,” she exclaimed. “It’s back on the market??”

“It is,” the agent responded. “We were just notified this morning. I was going to call you shortly, but wasn’t sure if you’d be up this early.”

The agent quickly logged into the DeltaNet, found Paula’s profile and scheduled a showing with her—for that night. Paula showed up early, saw what she wanted to see—mainly that there were no significant issues and that her husband approved—and made an offer on the spot.

“I don’t want to lose this one again,” she said, standing in the home’s kitchen with the agent.

And she might have, had it not been for the notification email. Paula received it, but she didn’t understand how it got to her. She didn’t realize how bad the agent felt for her. She didn’t see when the agent set up her online profile. She wasn’t aware that the agent customized it to specifically follow that house and others like it in the area, and notify Paula if it or others became available.

Paula didn’t know much about the process that brought the home of her dreams back to her. To her, it felt like fate—it all worked out somehow, and it all felt out of her hands in the meantime.

But the agent knew. And Paula had her dream house as a result.

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