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Friday, January 27, 2012

Using education to hone in on home sales

The worry overcame Carol as she read from this morning.

“New-home sales hit a record low,” the headline read. And immediately, Carol could see the look in the eyes of her agents.

“How am I going to keep motivating them with news like this,” she thought to herself.

Carol knew the news wasn’t as bad as the article made it out. In fact, it didn’t even pertain to existing home sales. Plus, home sales rose in December in the county her real estate office was located in, and sales were up over 2010 levels.

But the national media tends to have a lot of pull in public perception, and public perception tends to have a lot of pull in the morale of Carol’s agents. And any negative news story involving real estate can come into play.

“I know things are better here, but my buyers are apprehensive because of what they keep hearing every time they turn on the news,” she remembers an agent telling her just a few months back. “They keep hearing these things, and they grow weary of buying that home they were set on. They’re afraid they won’t sell their own house.”

At the time, Carol wasn’t able to give the agent a good answer. The company had a lackluster website, her agents received few, if any, leads, and her agents seemed to be fighting an up-hill battle against the negative press.

The economy hasn’t been the best, home sales aren’t what they were in 2006 and 2012 is an election year. Gas prices are up, as is the unemployment rate, and worry has been running high since the infamous real estate crash of 2007.

Carol knew then that she had to make changes. She invested in a new website, pitched the news to her agents and knew that the future looked brighter. But the negative press kept coming.

“How do I energize my agents in a market like this,” Carol wondered.

And then the answer hit her: Education.

Carol had recently asked around the office to learn that many of her agents weren’t aware of several of the tools their website provided them. They had all been offered training on the site, but most just looked to set up their own agent websites so their presence was online. They weren't aware the site actually had tools built in.

Her agents had recently asked around to find that many of their clients weren’t aware of their market conditions, and were hesitant to talk real estate as result. They weren't aware that much of the news didn't pertain to their area, and that trends showed it was a great time to purchase.

The DeltaNet could help address both problems.

Carol started planning training sessions. She knew she could efficiently manage all the leads and traffic the brokerage’s real estate website had drawn in the short time since it launched. She could have leads automatically dispersed to her agents, and follow up to assure agents were receiving more leads more quickly, and could answer their clients instantly.

Agents could send their clients not just information on homes for sale, but entire market reports. Clients could see what homes were listed in their neighborhood, pricing trends for local listings, what listings went back on the market, how many listings were on the market, and how much listings sold for.

Agents could create a true picture of what was happening in the market around them, rather than forming their opinions from the national news. They could communicate that to their clients, educating them on the market and its up-to-date trends, so they would be the most informed when it came to making their decisions.

Carol saw how to educate her agents, and she saw how to help her agents educate their clients. She immediately logged into the DeltaNet, scheduled a training session for the next morning, and sent a notification to all her agents.

Carol was already using her new real estate website, and the education process was already beginning.

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