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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Going Mobile in Your Business

The first time you touched your phone today you might have been hitting the snooze button. Shortly thereafter, you turned off your alarm.
It might not have been long before you used it to check your email. Or Facebook. Maybe you read the news, whether from an app or website. Perhaps you checked the weather. Or you might have skipped the daily events and instead responded to your Words with Friends game.
At that time you probably didn't think about what you might do with your cell phone tomorrow morning. You probably just assumed it would follow the daily ritual. You probably didn't think you might use it to check the status of a lead. You might not have expected to use it to see if you received a new lead overnight. Maybe you planned on checking Facebook to see if it was a special day for any of your clients, but you already saw on the DeltaNet that it was Bill's birthday.
Perhaps you didn't envision being able to quickly add new customers. And you just assumed you'd have to get to the office before you could update the description on that listing. But it’s early in the morning, you haven’t finished breakfast and you’ve already done all those things.
Your clients are followed up with. Your leads have been processed. Your listings updated.
And now, as you finish your cereal and leave your house, you can focus on prospecting. You can relax about the tedious work you used to spend what seemed like your entire morning doing, even when you had other plans. You can focus on real estate, and depend on technology to quickly and easily take care of the other matters of your job.
It’s been said that “today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Well, we’d like to think tomorrow will be the first morning of the rest of your real estate career. It will be the first morning you can take care of business before getting to your business. It will be the first morning you can follow your leads and stats without interrupting your day to do so.
Tomorrow morning is the first morning you can wake up and use the DeltaNet app, directly from your cell phone. The DeltaNet app is going live today. Tomorrow, it might start your work day.
Easy to use, the DeltaNet app allows you to access most customer related facets of the DeltaNet, all within an app, all from your mobile phone. You can access your website on the go. You can respond to your leads from the grocery store. You can add a new customer you ran into while at dinner. And your entire business will stay with you, accessible at your finger tips, for as long as your mobile phone does.
Stop feeling like you’re married to your job. Check in on it, then put it back in your pocket and carry on with your day. It will be there the next time you need to check in.
Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to take your real estate business mobile.
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