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Monday, February 6, 2012

My, how far real estate technology has come...

There’s a good chance you don’t remember the last time you couldn’t run an errand because you were waiting for a phone call.

Think back for a moment.

You were trying to schedule a check-up at the doctor’s office. You knew if you waited to speak with them for another day, your appointment could be pushed back another week. You really needed to run to the store to return that videotape so you could get home and start dinner, but you just needed to get that phone call first.

Isn’t it amazing how far things have come?

Now that call will reach you on your cell phone. All you’ll have to do is pull it out of your pocket or purse. When you schedule that appointment, you can immediately add it to the calendar on your phone, which will remind you the day before that it’s coming, and what time you scheduled it for. And all this can be done before you have the chance to put that Blu-ray in the RedBox return slot.

On the other hand, maybe things haven’t changed so much. You still work out of a real estate office. You still drive to that office. You may communicate with your clients through email and social networks, but you still speak with them on the phone—often at your desk in your cubicle where the phone wire ties you to the wall, just as it always has.

Now you use the computer for business. You can get on the Internet, find homes and easily tell your clients about them without filing through mounds of papers. Now your clients reach you online, even if you have never met them before. Now you take your business logs home with you.

You walk in your house, get on the Internet, log into the DeltaNet and your entire real estate business is in front of you. All your clients, all your communications with them, what they’re interested in, when you need to follow up with them, how you last followed up with them and even their birthdays and anniversaries are all there on your screen. That made things easy.

You can follow up with them there, remind yourself to do so at a particular time tomorrow, or just see the communications you’ve had with them automatically, since the DeltaNet has profiled them for you and automatically sent them follow-up information from you, all relating to their real estate inquiries.

How much easier was it to work from home after you attained that technology? How much more secure did you feel knowing it was all there, with you at all times, and all you had to do was log into the Internet to access it? No more forgetting. No more apologizing for not following up. And don’t even scoff if you lose your notepad. Heck, even if your computer stopped working a new one will hook back into the Internet, right where you left off. No more getting sick and not being able to take care of that one client you needed to touch base with that day, only to find out a day later that he was taken care of because he spoke with another agent already.

Now envision that technology, and how much easier it made your life. Envision how much more difficult it was before you had access to it. Envision that period before you had a cell phone, and how much different it was then; how unbearable that would seem to you now.

Now envision that same cell phone with all the information and capabilities the DeltaNet has provided your business by computer.

Hold that thought for a few more business days...
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