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Friday, February 10, 2012

The new-age marketing of real estate market news

The news in real estate can be pretty confusing for you, let alone your buyers.

Just yesterday, news broke of a federal mortgage settlement plan.

“How will that affect those currently interested in buying or selling,” you thought to yourself while watching the news.

It’s a valid question. With the government stepping into the real estate market in different ways, it’s bound to affect your business.

“I need to communicate this message,” you think, knowing the trends you’re seeing in the local market is of the utmost importance.

In the past you had little control over the news. What was said or written was said or written. Real estate ultimately operated at the hands of the local and national news, and you were essentially helpless in that plight. Many other agents have fallen victim to this way of doing things. They wait for the phone to ring and play fire control anytime a negative story on the economy hits. They aren’t sure how to communicate their side until they get that phone call from an already worried customer.

But not you. You have technology at your side. So you take to your blog, which you set up through your Delta Media Group agent website. You begin typing away, explaining what the government is looking to do and what it means to the local market. You explain the amount of foreclosed homes, how long the average home stays on the market and how much inventory your market currently has. You compare that to past markets, and prior “roller coaster” real estate trends. The market hasn’t always been stable. It hasn’t always been bad or good. It has always been consistently inconsistent, and good times often follow bad, and sometimes vice versa.

The current trend is just that—a trend. It’s not expected to last forever, and the homes that have quickly gone down in value should come back up, just like the homes that quickly went up in value have come down. There are many markets where the roller coaster has higher hills and steeper falls. You explain that these often make the headlines, but rarely represent your market and its exact trends. Each market it unique, and yours has its own nuances.

You explain the market, in your brief manifesto, and push to publish. “I need to share this story now,” you think. And you go about doing so. You post a link it to your Facebook account. You tweet it on Twitter. Your blog subscribers already received it, but your other customers haven’t. You email it to them via an email blast you quickly set up in the DeltaNet. You just as quickly post a link on your website home page.

In a short amount of time, your story about your market has legs. Those who were curious can see how the news relates, not from a national level but close to home, directly from someone who works in it daily and knows the market they live in.

With any luck, your Twitter followers retweet it. Your Facebook fans like it, share it and comment on it. Their fans and followers see what they’re doing, and others begin going to your blog, which is linked to your website via the DeltaNet, and reading the news you spread.

Pretty confusing indeed. But now your story is out. Your customers thank you for it. You were proactive in your communications rather than reactive, waiting to field the phone calls of worried and dissenting real estate clients alike. New people were even exposed to your message, shared with them by some of your clients who spread the news you posted.

“Thank you,” one of them writes to you on Facebook. “I’ve seen this discussed quite a bit on CNN, but I haven’t seen anyone talk about how that affects our neighborhood. I’m glad to see what’s really going on and how it relates to me.”

You quickly had your say, and you didn’t have to stand on a park bench with a megaphone to say it. Besides, you didn’t want to step on that vinyl advertisement of another agent who might not have had the means to spread the news so quickly...
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