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Friday, March 30, 2012

Consolidating your property search history

Your search history can take quite the path.

You started out by looking in one place. You went to another. Pretty soon, you don’t recall what you started searching for, or how to get back there.

A house is a house, right? Unless it’s your house. And you want your house to be perfect.

The problem is, “perfect” has taken quite a few shapes in your eyes recently. A ranch seemed like a "perfect" idea. Then you fell in love with the two-story Colonial that you visited. But the deck on that newer house would be great for entertaining guests.

So many houses. So many decisions. And only one you.

You have trouble tracking them all, anymore. You thought you knew exactly what you wanted, but that was before you knew exactly what was out there.

And while some houses sold before you could make a decision, others are priced better for your current state. Will you give up that kitchen to save 10 percent? Could you possibly remodel the house you visited last week, or add a deck to the one you spotted online this morning?

And let’s not forget location. The house you liked best is in the town you liked least. The street you fell in love with has nothing for sale, now that you missed out on the house you felt might have been a little overpriced.

You get home from work, frustrated in the search process, and you’re trying to make sense of it all. You don’t know how best to organize your search list…and that’s when you find one organized for you.

You open your email, sent this morning from your agent. It looks different. In the middle of the email are all the houses that were previously emailed to you—those that matched the specifications you were looking for. Eight of the 14 you had interest in. Five of the eight you went through. Most are still on the market. A couple are not—their sales are pending. Two have had price changes. There’s a new home for sale at the top of the email. You’re interested, and you click the link in the email to schedule a showing with your agent.

This is what you’ve been searching for, during your process of searching for what you’re searching for. And you begin wondering how you found it, because you can’t see behind the scenes.

Your agent thought you might like it. It’s part of the reason she uses the DeltaNet. The best part is, the property notification email was automatically created for her. She didn’t even have to send it. It’s part of the email notification system she has built into her real estate website. This particular email is a new format, which Delta Media Group recently released. You’re reaping the rewards.

Contact Delta Media Group for information on how you can start providing your clients with the tools that will help them find their next home.
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