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Friday, March 16, 2012

Minimizing the "Madness" in your March

The games are on and you’re still in the office.

Well, you WERE in the office, but you’re starting to—“cough!”—feel that cold coming on.

“I’m heading out,” you tell your broker, and she nods in agreement with a smirk like she doesn’t exactly believe your influenza efforts, because she’s heard the same from a half-dozen other agents this week.

You’re on your way home, the radio’s blaring the game, and you’re hot in anticipation of your three-day weekend on the couch, where you’ll indulge in endless basketball and about as much food.

Your brackets are sure to kick butt, your friends are on speed-dial in an effort to streamline bragging and you’re already thinking of what you’re going to do with that $250 you’re certain to win because you’re the only one to take that #12-seed to the Elite Eight. Your foolish friends didn’t see what you did—that their shooting matches up well against the major conference team that you think is a little overrated.

You pull into your driveway, ready to make the mad dash through the door, straight to the TV. Anything that comes between you and that couch might just receive your best running back impression and, blockers or not, you’re certain you’re scoring on this carry.

It’s just then that you remember that little bug that has been in your ear all morning. It’s not the one you pretended had infiltrated your immune system, but the one that kept reminding you there actually was something you needed to do today. You ignored it because you were too caught up with your pre-calculated cough and quick cruise home.

But now it’s clear. You had a REALLY important call you had to make. It was with the buyer who told you to touch base this week. He was prepared to finally make an offer on that house, but needed to speak with his wife this week upon returning to town. He thought he might be able to talk her into it, and you were on the top list of about a dozen real estate agents he had spoken with. He wasn’t overly impressed with a few of the others, who didn’t get back with him when he had previously asked. You’re now on the verge of being added to that list.

You had planned on watching one game on your TV, streaming another on your laptop and a third on your smartphone. The third option will be paused for a moment. You grab your smartphone on the way through the door. By the time you’ve juked and weaved your way to the couch, you’re logged into the new mobile DeltaNet app. You find the client and his contact information, and you glance at your notes on him.

Today, indeed, you were supposed to make the call. No problem. You hit his phone number, your phone connects it, and you’re speaking with him by the time you’re able to turn on and mute your TV. You’re watching the game, having the conversation, and business and basketball—in all its March glory—are simultaneously tackled by the smart athlete you’ve become over the past five minutes.

As you get off the phone, you update your notes on his profile. They’ll be there for you next week, when you make it back to the office once this “cold” is cleared, and inevitably forget everything going through your mind except how awesome that last shot was, and your friend’s reaction when you hit him with the expected “I-told-you-so!” call that he is most certainly anticipating from you.

You’ve discovered the balance between business and pleasure, and your business and bracket alike are prospering because of your wit.

Next year, your co-workers will be begging you to give them some insight on the bracket. You’ll start by telling them about the DeltaNet.

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