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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Market Watch Email Report Being Launched Next Week

Sample Market Watch Email
Delta Media Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that it's new Market Watch Report System is being released on Wednesday, April 18th.

Market Watch is a monthly email report for home owners and investors. The email report is available from Realtors® and Brokerages using the Delta Media Group Brokerage Platform. It includes information such as: Properties currently on the market and their price history; Sold properties in the market along with the asking price, selling price, days on market and property details.

In some markets, Market Watch is able to be done all the way down to a subdivision level. This is perfect for homeowners considering selling their home in the next few years. They are able to get a monthly email from their Realtor® showing them what is happening in their exact neighborhood on an almost real-time basis with real data, not estimates.

You may think that the Market Watch email report would only apply to consumers considering selling their property. However, new home owners benefit from getting the report as well. New home owners can stay up-to-date from their Realtor® on what is happening with the properties around them. No more will they have to ask their neighbors, "have you heard what the house down the street sold for?" By getting Market Watch they can know exactly what is happening with real estate in their market.

The best part about Market Watch is that it offers Realtors® a tool where they can stay in contact with their customer base with relevant information. No longer is a Realtor® forced to send pointless emails to past customers with cooking recipes or old real estate news in the hopes of staying in contact. They can now be the market experts that they truly are and communicate relevant information that customers care about!

To learn more about Market Watch contact or call 1-866-233-9833.
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