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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Masters marketing and Easter eCards

Phil Mickelson is making a run again. Tiger Woods appears to have recently returned to his previous form.

You’ll see for yourself this weekend while watching the Masters.

It’s a family tradition for you, especially when the Masters falls on Easter Weekend.

You went to church, watched the kids search for Easter eggs, helped them find their Easter baskets and managed to smuggle a Cadbury egg for yourself. Now it’s officially time to plop down on the couch and check in on whether Mickelson will master the Masters, Tiger will continue his tear, or Rory McIlroy might manufacture an upset.

You pull out the smartphone to check the current standings. You know the leaderboard practically by heart, but you want to see if someone who teed off earlier might have made a monumental move.

On your way to pinpointing par, you make a pitstop at your email. At the top is a nice email from your real estate agent. You hadn’t spoken to him directly since you bought your house two years ago, so you’re a little surprised to see it.

It’s your first email from him since Christmas, the first since Thanksgiving before it. In fact, when you think about it, he has sent you an eCard each holiday since you first met. He has no reason to earn your business back; you’re happy where you are and plan on staying that way for at least another few years. But you’re impressed, either way, with his service.

Then it starts to dawn on you. Your niece—the one you haven’t seen since her wedding last year—is coming over this afternoon. She and her husband have an apartment together, but you heard through the family tree that she has recently gotten a new job and there’s a chance she might be looking for a house when her contract expires.

You make a mental note to ask her, because you want her to make a wise decision, and you want to make sure she’s in good hands with that decision. You felt you were with your agent, who led you down the right path, helped you accomplish your goals and has continued to provide the kind of service you’d hope to get from a doctor’s office.

Your agent will appreciate the act. He might get a referral out of it. Either way, he’d like to help a young couple find a home to start their family. They might even have some young friends in similar situations, and he might be able to help them too. Referrals mean a lot, especially in a day and age where money is a little tighter and investors are trying to be smart with theirs.

Your agent hadn’t thought that far ahead when he set up his CRM to email you an eCard each holiday. He just wanted to be a good agent and friend, and wanted to continue to let you know he cares.

In fact, he wasn’t even positive you were still on that email list. He has several people on it, but he now sees you’re one of them.

While speaking with your niece, he logs into the DeltaNet, types your name into his home screen and opens your profile. He sees the email list you’re on and when you purchased your home.

He clicks a button and adds your niece to the same database. He types in her information, asks the areas she’s interested in and what kind of home she’s looking for, and within a minute he has set up her account and saved a few property searches.

She’ll get a property notification email from him tomorrow morning detailing a few of the homes for sale that match what she said she’s looking for. She’ll continue to get these emails, as she requested, showing new homes that hit the market, price changes and other market statistics. When she clicks on each home, it will take her to the listing displayed on your real estate website. Just like that, she went from uninformed to being capable of making an educated decision.

Your kids love their Easter baskets. It’s obvious as they’re remain bouncing off the walls of your basement, hopped up on jelly beans.

But your niece might have received the best Easter gift.

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