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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Real estate online: What's most important?

What’s the most important thing about your real estate business?

Is it your office? Do customers stop in to visit you?

Is it your signs? Do most of your customers find you because they spotted one in the front lawn of a home they wanted to see?

Maybe it’s your advertising. Do you get a good response from your magazine ads? What about the newspaper? Does your billboard, sitting proudly above one of the busier streets in town, drive the amount of new customers you hoped?

What about your Web presence? Is it as effective as you were promised it would be? Does it drive the kind of leads you wanted it to? Does it provide you enough business?

A lot of real estate websites promise to be a lot of things. A lead channel. A property search. A CRM system. An online yellow page ad.

Sometimes it’s tougher to cut through the promises than it is to do your own job.

Where do you get the time to fact-check empty promises that aren’t supported by statistics? How can you tell if a website should help deliver the kind of response you need? And what happens when you really don’t get all those new leads you expected?

Maybe it’s easier to just stick with what you have, no matter how poorly it might be working, you think. But you also recognize that gets you no further along, and only prolongs the inevitable.

There’s a little secret to websites that a lot of companies don’t understand. Call-to-actions are the most important part of their business. That doesn’t mean build a website around call-to-action buttons. But it does mean designing each element of each page to make visitors want to contact you for more information.

It’s not just that easy. Visitors don’t want to contact you if they can’t find what they’re looking for. They don’t want to take the step to schedule a showing if your site made them take too many steps just to find the house. They won’t ask your advice if they can’t easily find the answers they’re looking for online.

But if you can deliver those elements quicker, easier and in a more usable way, it prompts visitors to take the next steps—which typically means talking to you, which might mean earning their business.

We view things this way. We believe giving visitors the best way to find what they’re looking for is the key to them coming back. We believe them coming back is the key to them turning to you when they need you. And we’re building the easiest ways for them to do that.

You have multiple ways to be contacted. Your website is one. It works for those who want to request something from you, and check back in on your answer. Your phone is another. It serves better for those who want a response to their question right this second.

Your social networks are additional contact points. They better lead to those who might eventually give you their business, but want to know more about you first. They want to learn and feel educated for when they’re ready to make a decision. That’s a growing concern in today’s economy and Web and mobile-based culture.

While customers want those touch points, the last thing they want is difficulty finding them. They want them quick, easy and available at the click of a button. That’s why our new real estate website Contact Forms operate the way they do.

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our real estate websites. One of our recent changes is the contact form. Our old one used to better cater to how the Web worked. Our new one better caters to how the Web has evolved. At the top is your phone number. Followed by your social networks. Followed by your offices.

At the right is a simplified account set-up. Name and email are necessary. Phone, interests and message are optional. One click and your visitor is finished.

Just like that you have a new lead to follow up with, and your visitor has more time to get back to what they need to do, whether that be checking email, checking Facebook, returning to work from their lunch break, or searching for more homes online.

We want to help you find the most important element of your business. We want to make it easy to see where most of your business comes from. And we want to help you get more of it.

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