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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Facebook Effect and your Memorial Day weekend

Facebook’s IPO officially launched last week, much to the chagrin or applause of analysts, depending on which article you read.

From its purchase of Instagram to its stock price, Facebook has been in the news quite a bit recently. And with good reason.

In less than a decade Facebook built one of the richest websites in history. It has more than 850 million users, and the data it gathers is unmatched.

Facebook was first embraced by party-wielding college types, then by their parents, then by other adults alike. Now, it seems everyone is on Facebook. And it seems every marketer claims to have a Facebook strategy.

But why? What does Facebook provide that other social networks don’t?

Aside from more functionality and a cleaner interface at times, Facebook allows people to connect with one another. It allows friends to chat with friends, old friends to re-connect with old friends, distant family to keep tabs on their relatives and, even, marketers to communicate with their customers.

No wonder Facebook is so powerful, and embraced by so many businesses.

Giving a business a means to communicate with its customers is powerful. It might just be the most powerful tool in the business world. And Facebook has been the best network to open communication doors to anyone in the world, including your potential customers.

That’s especially important when your customers are busy. They may spend this Memorial Day weekend at picnics. They may take the boat out or go for a swim. A fire and hotdog will likely be in the picture somewhere, and so will Facebook.

They’ll check it on their smartphones while the burgers are burning. They’ll see the updates before driving to the cemetery, where they’ll lay flowers and pay their respects.

What they might not do is remember to call you. They might not think about jumping on your real estate website to see what’s new for sale, even though they’re actively looking.

In all likelihood, you might lose communication with your customers this weekend. And that’s not the worst thing—you need to spend time with your family just as much as they do. But you want to remain in their mind somehow. You don’t want to be an afterthought when the weekend is over and next week is in full stream.

Facebook provides one channel to keep that line of subtle, passive communication. That’s why Delta Media Group makes it easy for you to add your Facebook account to your real estate website, displayed prominently where your customers will quickly see it so they can easily click on it and follow you.

Email is another communication channel. While Facebook will be full of posts of cookouts, the email inbox might grow relatively lonely. But you have a great way to answer that as you prepare the eCard you’ll send to your contact list, reminding each of them what Memorial Day means.

And even though the focus might be on family, the housing market will continue. Your email will automatically go out to some of your clients, listing the newest homes for sale in the areas they’re searching, price changes and, soon, market trending graphics.

Facebook’s success has caused a firestorm of feedback, and all leading into a weekend where people don’t want to think about stock prices and business developments. But it taught you an important lesson—that communication is a fundamental function, and your real estate business can take better advantage of that with Delta Media Group.

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