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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Apple Conference and what it means to your real estate business

The Apple conference last week had the tech world abuzz. Again.

Spectators oohed and aahed as Apple discussed iOS 6, its latest mobile operating system.

It offers an entirely new mapping system.

It has voice-activated turn-by-turn directions.

Siri will be more integrated.

It will be fully integrated with Facebook, as it has been with Twitter.

While some wonder what all the fuss is about, others are already planning ahead for how they'll use their mobile devices. iPad owners will download the new operating system and use Siri for the first time from a tablet.

Many current iPhone owners will get the new operating system. Many others will likely line up hours early to purchase the next iPhone, whenever it’s released. And the phone hasn’t even been announced yet. 

About the time it is, social media outlets will likely be flooded with how it might help real estate agents.

Those mentions might not detail the steps a real estate agent will have to take for the smartphone to actually help them do their jobs better.

What good is the world’s smartest phone when it doesn’t help an agent access their antiquated real estate website?

What good is its social media abilities when an agent doesn’t have a strong enough online presence to share.

What good is voice activation when an agent still has to gather their leads by notebook, and follow up by phone call.

The next best smartphone—whether a new iPhone, a Droid device or another unannounced product—only helps so much as a real estate agent can allow it. In many cases, real estate agents don’t have a sophisticated enough real estate website to allow it to assist.

Sure, it might look pretty. But how easy does it work for customers?

It may allow for a property search. How will it show up in search engines? 

It might feature an agent's contact info. How will it capture leads?

Smartphones allow agents to access email, hop on the Web and use integrated mapping technology.

They can also allow agents to access the DeltaNet, see their clients and follow up with them on the go. They can deliver agents’ leads to them immediately via text message. They can allow agents to more easily share properties and other news on their social media accounts, which are linked prominently from their real estate websites, which are built to best capture leads.

Smartphones can do a lot for your business, as can other new technologies. But only as much as you take advantage of their features to connect with your Web presence, which you can access on the go from anywhere to see all your contacts, which are automatically being marketed to by your HomeFinder email and drip marketing campaigns.

Without these abilities, smartphones are nothing more than a fast car for your business, when you don’t yet have the wheels it rides on.

Contact Delta Media Group to see how you can best leverage your smartphone, tablet and other new technologies to take full advantage of the best online real estate platform available.
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