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Friday, June 29, 2012

Keeping your home buyers, even when they're renting

Your client might have considered that it just isn’t the right time for him to buy.

You’ve worked with him extensively. He wants a home as much as anyone you’ve worked with before. You both agree that a home is his best bet and best investment.

But things just haven’t worked out. The one he liked best sold almost as soon as it hit the market. His second choice was priced too high and the sellers wouldn’t entertain his offer.

He didn’t want to move to the north side of town—it was too far from work. He didn’t want to move downtown—it was too big of an adjustment from what he was used to and he didn’t get the yard he desired.

And he was getting serious with his girlfriend. He even mentioned the possibility of proposing within the next year. She lived a little further away, they agreed to not live together and there was no telling if the house he considered buying might be near the job she might get after finishing grad school.

It was a long and tedious process, but renting might actually be his best bet. Not forever, but maybe for the next year. He could save some money, put more down on the house a year from now and buy something he knew he’d be happy with. Plus, it gave him an extra year to improve the credit score that dipped just enough during college to affect the amount he could borrow with today’s more restrictive lending standards.

As an agent, you’re not primarily in the business of rentals. You understand it might lose his business now, but you also know taking care of this client is best, and he might buy a nicer place a year from now. He’s the first of his college friends to look to buy, and he has several close friends who will be in his shoes within the next 12 to 18 months.

But you have options for him. Your real estate website—the one he used to search endlessly for homes over the past 12 weeks—offers rentals. In fact, you just received more rental capabilities this week. And you haven’t even discussed rentals with him yet.

He told you plenty of times before how comfortable he was with your website. He knew how to navigate it, and he always found what he was looking for quickly. With the touch of his iPad screen he saved it in his portfolio, and with another touch he notified you he’d like to schedule a showing. You often laughed at the process, because you’d email him back within moments. He could no sooner request the showing on your site that you already had a text message notifying you of it. Moments later, the process was underway.

“If apartments were that easy when I was in college I could have saved a lot of time and maybe graduated cum laude,” he had joked.

And now, they were. You gave him a call and told him about the functionality. You mentioned he could use the same website the same way and find those listings he might prefer to rent instead of buy. Upon finding one he liked, he could contact you the same way. And you could help with the process just the same. In fact, you could log in and see the apartments he saved in his portfolio, and follow up with him if you received additional details on them.

Your client was disappointed he couldn’t purchase the home he wanted yet. But he was happy he didn’t have to start his search process over. He simply went to the same website, walked through the same steps and worked with his same agent—you.

His adjustment was easier. Your communication remained strong. And you assured him you were still looking forward to working with him in a year, when he might be in a better position to buy that house he wanted.

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