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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Market Watch Update Q&A

Market Watch Report Sample
Sample Market Watch Email
I've received quite a few emails in response to my email last week about the pending Market Watch email update that's happening soon. I thought it would be good to share some of the questions I got along with the responses to those questions here.

To help you understand the Market Watch Report here are a few links:

When you say that the statistical information found on these reports is similar to what can be found on the national portals, does the data reflect local stats or national stats?

The stats used on this report are localized for the market that is being represented in the report itself. However, the level of localization is dependent on the data from the market itself. In some markets, we have data all the way down to the Subdivision level. In other markets it may only be as low as the city level. Providing we have the data, we report data based on: State, County, Zip Code, City, Area, Neighborhood, Subdivision, School District, Lake Name, and Post Office.

Will the report be customizable to areas?

Yes it can. The short, uncomplicated answer is that the Market Watch Report can be setup for any market that is searchable from your site. Basically, it's limited by the MLS data itself. We recommend that agents set these up based on criteria that is relevant to the local market such as School Districts, Neighborhoods, Areas, Cities, etc. In the next couple weeks agents will also be able to setup Market Watch Reports based on a map region. This is very useful in rural markets.

What about setting up a Market Watch Report for rural markets where using the city name or school district isn't appropriate?

We're already working on the ability to search based on a map area. So, in rural markets it would make sense to setup a search based on a map area. This feature will be released no later than July 2012.

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