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Monday, June 25, 2012

New Options for Customer Portolios

While most of our customers, and all new customers, are using an updated interface for our My Portfolio Section we found a few customers that haven't updated theirs. So, we've added control so that you can upgrade to the latest interface for the customers using your website.

The newest My Portfolio interface (shown below) is an app-like widget based interface for customers. It gives them easy access to their Saved Properties, Saved Property Searches, Viewed Properties, their Profile and their Email Opt Status where they can control which types of emails they are opted in and out of.

To check and see if your websites are using the most up-to-date My Portfolio interface from Delta do the following: Log into the DeltaNet™ as an Administrator. In the quick search box up top type 'Globals' and select the Preferences - Globals Page. On this page, the ninth section down is titled My Portfolio Widgets. If this section has 'Enable' selected then you are using the widget system. If not, select 'Enable' and click the Update button.

If you have any questions on this feature please contact

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