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Monday, June 11, 2012

The perfect listing presentation...and why it went wrong

When the real estate agent left, Adam felt a little empty.

She seemed nice. She said what she was supposed to. She was professional and well-spoken.

Her presentation was solid. She wasn't pushy or too salesy. It was what about what Adam expected.

And that was the problem. Adam couldn't help but feel insecure in all the things that, in another time, used to serve as securities.

He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but somewhere between her promises of newspaper ads and the strength of her national franchise, Adam thought he might be missing the boat if he signed with her.

Everything she said sounded fine. The void was caused by what she didn't say.

He heard her mention the listing going on the MLS. He didn't hear the value the IDX feed would provide in marketing it throughout the region on all real estate websites.

He heard her say it would be syndicated to "tons of other websites." He didn't hear her mention what those sites were, how many people use them to find homes, or the advantage syndication might provide in search engine results.

He heard her say her franchise had a national relocation presence. He didn't hear her mention how many more customers are turning to the Internet--and search engines, in particular--for research.

He heard her brag about how long her company has had an office in town. He didn't hear her explain how that might translate to buyers, when a vast majority of consumers are influenced through search, social and mobile rather than stopping by offices.

He heard her mention the newspaper ads. He didn't hear her explain the continued relationship she would build through online tools that would help market the home, broadcast it to her contacts list and allow her to update the listing and add more photos and descriptions on the fly.

Adam was over-assured with what the agent did say. But he couldn't put his finger on what she didn't. And that's what worried him, as he felt he could have had the same meeting with the same agent 20 years ago and practically nothing would have changed.

"But the world has changed," Adam thought to himself. "People are shopping differently. They're more cautious buyers. They want to be educated, not sold to."

And that thought is what kept Adam from buying from the person who tried to sell herself to him. She did a good enough job at it, but she didn't educate him on what he needed to learn.

So he opened his smartphone, looked online for homes for sale in the area, and reached out to the agents who marketed their listings the way Adam hoped his would get marketed. Those were the agents, Adam felt, who truly deserved his business.

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