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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The systematic side of your real estate services

Scott was relieved to get out of the car when he finally found a parking spot at the back of the mall.

He hadn’t been there since Christmas, and now he remembered why.

It was Memorial Day weekend and, despite the gorgeous weather, everyone seemed to want to go shopping. It was enough to create stop-and-go traffic, parking lot confusion and, inevitably, a much further walk than Scott had anticipated when he chose his flip flops over the comfy Nikes still sitting in his closet.

Scott didn’t really want to spend his day amongst the this kind of traffic, shopping rather than cooking out. But he was starting a new job and felt his wardrobe needed freshened up. What better time to buy than when every mall store seemed to advertise fairly decent sales?

Scott walked in the first store. The discounts weren’t as great as he hoped, but he found a few shirts worth trying on. As he headed toward the fitting rooms he noticed the line stretched partway into the back of the men’s section. He exhaled a frustrated sigh as he reluctantly found his place in it, reminding himself he didn’t have anywhere better to be.

As he approached the front of the line, which moved quicker than he expected, he recognized the hold-up. A worker walked each customer to their changing room. On their way she asked the customer's name, which she wrote on a small dry-erase board on the outside of their door. After a couple minutes she knocked on the door and asked the customer by name if she could provide any assistance. If the customer needed an article of clothing in a different size, she left to fetch it for them.

Scott moved along to another store, where he found a few clearance racks of clothes. He grabbed a few shirts he liked before finding another stash of discounted items he started digging through. Partway through the process a worker approached him.

“Are you going to try those on?” she asked. “I can take them to a fitting room for you and you can go to it whenever you’re ready.”

Slightly baffled, Scott stumbled over a “Thank you” as he handed her his pile of clothes. He barely made it through a few more shirts before another worker extended the same offer.

Scott had arrived at the mall frustrated, but he left happy. He felt like he had received great service—something he didn’t expect to find on a busy Memorial Day weekend. And even though traffic was still congested and his wallet was thinner, Scott felt secure in his purchases.

Retail and eCommerce business can be vastly different from one another. And both are different from the process of purchasing a home. But all present the same fundamental rules: service makes happy customers and, as Ken Blanchard put it in his famous book, “Raving Fans.”

Scott received that kind of service when purchasing a few shirts. As real estate agents, you have customers who want to learn the market, trust your advice and make an educated decision. They want to feel content THRILLED with the home they plan on living in quite possibly for the rest of their lives. They want to feel utterly satisfied when they’re upgrading from the home they might have lived in when they had their first child. And that satisfaction is driven by you--the agent or brokerage responsible for helping that customer make the best, most informed decision.

One of the secrets of service that isn’t always mentioned is it can be systematic.

Scott shopped at stores that had created methods to better serve their customers. Those methods were taught to their employees, who each reached out to Scott to provide assistance in unique ways. Real estate brokerages and agents that use Delta Media Group already have online tools that can help them more efficiently educate and keep in contact with their potential clients.

Whether Seller Reports, Market Watch reports, new listing notifications or eCards, real estate agents have a nearly endless supply of service-providing mediums. Add to that CRM reminder systems and online calendars that can be accessed anywhere via the DeltaNet, and a real estate service to-do list is nearly already filled out for you.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how you can begin applying a proven system to your real estate services.
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