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Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake Norman Realty launches their new website with Delta Media Group

Lake Norman Realty, Inc. launched their new real estate website last week using Delta Media Group. Their new website is powered by Delta's real estate lead management system and the DeltaNet giving them the online competitive edge in their market. Check out their new site at

Making the most of your many real estate Web identities

By now you might have noticed that we feel a good real estate website is an absolute necessity to your business.

But that can often get confusing because many agents don’t have one website.

Tech trends frequently change, and you’ve tried to keep up with the times.

First it was a website. No matter how bad it was, you were told you needed a real estate presence. “Like a Yellow Pages entry, but online,” you remember another agent telling you. It seems laughable now, but it made sense then.

Then it became another website—a better one. This time you could actually put your properties online for consumers to see.

Then you had an IDX-fed property search. You needed to add this functionality so consumers could use your website to find all real estate listings.

And then you needed consumers to find your website online so they could use your nifty property search, so SEO became important. A lot of rumors and falsities spread around about how to improve SEO, so you bought a lot of domain names and began setting up small websites about the areas you serviced. You didn’t update them much, but you had your own link network.

You then began hearing about a real estate blog, which, you heard described at a conference, helped boost your SEO.

But soon social networks began growing quickly, and you realized updating Facebook and Twitter was both more enjoyable and easier than updating a blog.

And niche real estate social networks began growing in popularity, and a LOT of people at conferences began speaking about those. And some had blogs built in. So you created profiles on all of them.

And somewhere along the line you started realizing not all of these channels were still that relevant, many weren’t built the right way to succeed, and you didn’t have enough time or resources to dedicate to any of them, let alone keep them updated.

That’s actually the same reason you recently switched to a better real estate website—one that has efficient technologies like customer relationship management and automated drip marketing built in.

And this week, you found that same website could help you control your other online entities, too.

You found your blog was a benefit to your business, but you found yourself without the time and resources to update it the way you should. But you just learned you can now set up automated real estate RSS feed subscriptions, which auto-populate your blog with relevant real estate articles from Inman and The Wall Street Journal. In fact, as an agent you can set your blogs up to auto-populate with content from your brokerage’s blog.

You’ve long wondered what to do with all those other websites and blogs you built. You put too much time and effort into them to just shut them down, but you were no longer updating them like you used to.

But you also learned this week that you can now embed your real estate property search directly on other websites. Now those other websites aren’t for naught—each features a similar quick property search, like the one on your website’s home page—the one that drives most of the searches on your site.

You’ve recently learned there are a lot of things you can do with you real estate website, but not using it is not amongst them.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to drive business from all your online presences.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Market Watch Email - What it is and how to use it

Our real estate Market Watch Email, which is part of the upgraded agent system, is one of the newest and coolest features for customers that Delta has for the agents.

What's so great about it? The Market Watch Email is a monthly customer email, branded by the agent, that provides customers real estate market trending graphs, current properties for sale in the market, and sold properties for the market. (You can see the example Market Watch Email in the video below.)

Who's the target customers for the Market Watch Email?
Customers thinking of selling their home - Any customer that's thinking of selling their home in the next couple years can benefit from the email. They can see what's happening in their specific market where they live, all the way down to the subdivision level. They can see the average price, number of properties on the market and average days on the market. They also see what homes are selling for. These things are all really important to anyone considering selling their home. What's great about this email is you become the source for information...not that national portal...
Customers that want to watch their local market - Neighborhood talk is really funny. Everyone always wants to know the latest thing going on in their neighborhood, including what that home just down the street listed for and what the home behind them just sold for. The Market Watch Email gives customers this information. You should be the source of this information!
Customers that just bought a house - People that just bought a house do care about the home prices and the housing market around them. Granted, they probably didn't buy their house to flip it in a few months like they did back in 2006 and 2007. But, they do care about the market. You should be the source of the information for them. Think about it. Even though they just bought a home, they're probably selling it in the next few year. You should be the agent that has kept them informed on their market trends so when they think of selling you don't leave their decision to chance because you've been providing them useful information monthly about their market.
So, check out this video that talks about Market Watch and how it can be used. We have more updates in the works, including the ability for customers to sign-up directly from your site. When that update is released we'll let you know. Meanwhile, here is information on the new format that's being released next week. Also, keep in mind that you need to be on the upgraded platform to have the Market Watch Email feature!

As always, if you have any questions please email

Monday, July 23, 2012

RSS Feed Subscription Coming to Delta's Blogs...

We're getting ready to release RSS Feed Subscription capabilities to our blog system for agents and brokerages. While we provide the ability to subscribe to any RSS feed we are adding a few feeds that we think are good from the Wall Street Journal and Inman. With these feeds the agents will just have to check a check-box to subscribe to them. Really cool!

So, what this means for the agents is that they can setup a blog through Delta and have it pre-populated with real estate blog articles. It also means that a brokerage can setup a blog of their own and have it feed all the agents' blogs.

So, we're asking for feedback on any feeds you would like to see added as a default option. So, what would you like to see?

Agents: Embed the quick property search from your site on other sites

Attention Agents!

We've just given you the ability to embed the quick property search on third party websites. This is a great tool that you can use especially if you have additional websites and you want to add this quick search feature and have the customers come back to your real estate website.

We've also created a video that shows you how to get your embed code. Check out the video to learn how to generate the embed code...

Online sales increase, but how about for real estate?

Jeff hadn’t noticed the house for sale before. But then again, he hadn’t necessarily been looking.

That had changed last week, when he and wife Patty decided it was time to find something different.

They began their search as many do—by taking the long way home from normal activities. Instead of the expressway, they went back roads. Instead of the main path, they detoured through neighborhoods.

It wasn’t that they hadn’t been on this road before, it’s just that they hadn’t paid much attention because they hadn’t previously been on the market.

The third house to the left caught their eye, and they agreed it was worth some additional research. In fact, it was the first house they spotted that they felt was worth a closer look.

Jeff was driving; Patty hopped on her cell phone.

“How do you spell the street again?” she asked, and proceeded to type it into Google.

The couple had already forgotten who the agent was and what company she was with. But they knew they could find the listing on any local real estate website.

Patty found listings on the street and, soon, the house of her interest online.

And it wasn’t through your website.

Has it set in yet that consumes are shopping—and buying—online?

Online purchases jumped to over $44 billion in the first quarter of 2012, up from $38 billion in the same quarter a year ago.

Online sales have nearly reached pre-recession levels. And while no one will—or can—fully buy a house online, guess where they’re turning to do their homework.

Jeff and Patty wanted to work with a good real estate agent. They wanted to know they’d be in good hands, that they wouldn’t be misled, and that they’d be taken care of each step of the way. They wanted to feel confident that the person they bought through knew the market and could advise them on their decision.

But before Jeff and Patty could learn that their eventual real estate agent could help them, they needed to find him or her.

There were plenty of good real estate agents out there. Of this, they were certain. But only a few were visible when they began doing their homework. Those that weren’t had little chance of earning Jeff and Patty’s business.

Upon finding the listing online, Patty clicked on the website. It was a mobile real estate website, so Patty could more easily use it from her smartphone. She saw a button on the page and clicked it to request a showing. By the time Jeff pulled into their driveway Patty had received an email.

She confirmed a date to go through the house, and told Jeff to put it in his calendar.

The agent’s website did the same for her when Patty confirmed the showing.

A few minutes and a short drive home, and Jeff and Patty had already taken the first big steps toward making an offer on a place that might become their next home. If it weren’t to be true, they would receive emails from the agent showing other homes in the neighborhood and surrounding areas that might interest them.

Jeff and Patty would eventually find the right house—whether it be the first one they went through or another the agent found for them, and they would move forward toward moving into their next home.

The agent would sit down with them, they’d do paperwork, and there would be a few phone calls along the way. But the real estate website, mobile capabilities, efficient lead management system that would facilitate the initial showing request and all future requests, and successful search engine optimization sold Jeff and Patty their next home.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to start making sales through your real estate website.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beyond the smoke and mirrors of real estate SEO

There has been some recent chatter among leading SEO minds about the opportunities in real estate.

And you can't disagree. You've seen them yourself.

You were talking to an agent just last week who told you how great her website’s search engine optimization was. When you asked what she has done to her site, she told you her site provider has her ranking on the first page for "dozens of keywords." Unsatisfied, you dug a little deeper to find most of them included her name, which wasn't all that common.

It's for this reason that SEO practices have always scared you. You've felt it might be "smoke and mirrors," as many say, and you saw few true examples where agents drove real business from it.

But it started hitting closer to home as you started searching for homes through search engines.

It’s something you hadn’t really done before. Besides, you have access to the MLS and you know how to navigate your brokerage’s website, so why bother searching for homes any other way?

But something started itching at you, telling you that consumers don’t have access to the MLS, and they might not be all that familiar with your brokerage’s real estate website. In fact, they might not be familiar with any local real estate website, and they instead are turning to the one place they turn to each time they search for anything—Google.

You asked around to find your site gets very little traffic, and you have to assume there are a large number of people searching for homes in your region. You start feeling like most of them are using search engines to find more information.

Through an informative real estate blog, you are introduced to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. You use it to search real estate keywords for your market. It tells you how many people are searching for them monthly on Google, and it gives you other variations of the keyword that are also searched frequently.

You start to recognize that the traffic opportunities are much greater than you previously anticipated.

You begin searching for your own listings on Google by address, only to find the top search results are competing real estate websites.

You don’t realize it at the time, but listings on your site aren’t even getting indexed by search engines. They are buried behind a convoluted drop-down and checkbox property search page, and search engines can’t index any pages beyond it. The listings aren’t linked from anywhere else on your website and you have no sitemap feeding the listing URLs to search engines.

You don’t know much about SEO, but you know enough to realize these practices will never get your site ranking competitively for keywords, and you’ll never see significant organic traffic from search engines as a result.

It’s about then that you start thinking you know what you want. You want an easy-to-use property search, but you want listings to get indexed by search engines. You want your website to show up when consumers search directly by listing areas and listing addresses alike.

And you want to make sure you can capture the traffic that comes to your website when consumers find your site on search engines. You want to make sure those consumers aren’t lost in an infinite property search, but can easily ask questions about a listing or request a showing. You want those inquiries to come to you immediately in the form of leads, and you want to be able to access the lead info instantly, follow up with the customer, and later be able to access the customer’s profile and record of interactions in a working CRM.

It seems like a lot to ask, but a little homework on SEO helped you realize there’s a lot of business to be had, a means to earn it, the capability to capture the business once it comes to you, and the ability to convert those inquiring consumers to leads, and eventually to transactions.

You’re starting to realize you know exactly what you want, and you want it to work the right way. And, in all your homework, you realize there’s a real estate website, lead management and SEO provider that might have the tools you’re looking for.

Preview videos showing Delta's new mobile solution

Here are a couple short preview videos showing our new mobile solution. We're pushing development on this so we can get it released in August.

Also, here are some recent blog posts related to this...

iCloud Tabs

New Mobile Website Feature

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Featured listings in your market of expertise

Agents, how do you use featured listings?

Most agents use the featured listings feature for their listings currently in inventory. That's makes's the default in our system.

But, what if agents can do more with their featured listings on their websites?

We already had the ability to do featured listings for agents multiple ways. For example, agents can have their featured listings setup to: Show just their listings; Show their listings except for certain listings (You know that one listing you don't want to feature!); Show their listings and then office listings when they don't have any; Show just office listings; Show their listings and then company listings when they don't have any; Show specific listings; Only lake front properties; etc...all the options are almost exhausting!

Well, we've added another option that really makes sense...we've added the ability to setup featured properties based on market. Basically we're giving agents the ability to feature properties on their home page that are in the specific market they serve. This is great for agents that market themselves as experts in specific markets. Now the featured properties can match their market and contain all properties for sale in that market.

Below is a screen shot of the section where the agents can change this setting. It's located under the Website -> Listing Display section of the DeltaNet™.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Why can't all property photos just be awesome?


Let me vent a little. Bad property photos are terrible. Granted, photography is an art that seems to escape me and many others! Maybe the photography classes I just signed up for will help my bad skills with my hobby. But, bad property photos on websites really bother me and there's no excuse for them.

We can't do much about all the bad photos we see. However, we can try and do something about how the photos look on our sites.

With this in mind, we just made a change with how we handle photos within the featured property viewer on the agent sites.

We've given agents the option of forcing all the photos to be the same height and width. This is really important for agents that setup their featured listings to display in a rotation. Imagine having a property with a landscape oriented photo and then the next property has a portrait oriented photo. It's not pretty!

So, with this change, if the agent enables the feature we show a white letter box on the sides or the top and bottom of the photo. The screen shot below shows an example with the white letter box on the top and bottom.

To enable this feature the agents need to check the check box in the Featured Listing for your home page section to scale the images. Here is a screen shot of the setting.

If you are interested in just turning this on for all your agents just let us know by emailing and we'll take care of it for you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bob Miller Realty Launches New Website

Bob Miller Realty just launched their new website and websites for their agents with Delta Media Group. Bob Miller Realty's website can be found at

New Office Roster Design Theme - And custom one's too!

We've done a new design theme for the office roster page. You can check it out below. It gives you more freedom for your office content and your agents flow really nice on this design for website layouts that are wide. If you're interested in using this office roster design just reach out to and we'll get your more information and quickly switch you over.

I thought this would also be a good time to mention that these office roster pages can really be designed however you want them. We just charge the design time it takes to do the custom page layout design.

Office Managers - Do you know how your agents stack up?

There is a very simple report in the DeltaNet that can be effectively used by Office Managers in office meetings. The report is our Top Agent Sites Report.

The Top Agent Sites Report shows the ten top agents for the following:

  • Top Agent Sites by Total Unique Visitors - This graph is useful in discussing with agents what they are doing to drive more visitors to their websites. It could be through a marketing campaign such as billboards, Facebook, blogging, etc.
  • Top Agent Sites by Total Page Views - This graph is useful in revealing agent sites that are engaging to the consumer. Generally agents with a high number of total page views are agents that have added content to their site. Content ideas would be market content, subdivision content, builder content, etc.
  • Top Agent Sites by Total Visitor Duration - This graph is useful in revealing how engaging an agent's website is to their customers. Content rich websites are generally the most engaging and get the highest visitor duration time. Content such as videos, marketing content, listing plans, etc.
Sample Total Page Views Graph

We suggest using these graphs and this information to foster and direct office discussions. This can be used to have top ranking agents share what they have done to get the results they are getting.

To generate your report, log into the DeltaNet and type Top Agent Sites into the search box. Or, you can find the report under More, Reports, Top Agent Sites.

Once you're on the report page you can select your criteria. You are able to filter the report by the week of your choice, by office and by agent. Sometimes it may be necessary to filter out one or more agents. For example, if you have a top agent that only does commercial properties you may want to filter them out of the report so you are comparing residential agents to residential agents.

If you find this report useful I would love to hear from you and how you use it! Email me at

What is iCloud Tabs and why should I care about it as a Realtor®?

Back in June Apple officially announced it's new iOS 6 operating system features, one of which really caught my attention - iCloud Tabs.

iCloud Tabs is a feature built into the next version of Apple's iPhone operating system giving users the ability to "pickup browsing wherever you left off."

Basically, users will be able to use their iPhone to browse websites and then pickup their iPad and easily open up whatever websites were open on their iPhone on their iPad. This feature even carries over to Safari on a desktop or laptop computer.

The reason this feature really caught my attention is that I have found I really don't enjoy browsing websites on my iPhone. Maybe it's my age and my changing eyesight...I'm not sure...but what I do know is that using an iPad is a much better experience for me but the iPhone is convenient sometimes!

This really got me thinking of the direction we were heading with our real estate websites. We had been working for quite some time on our next mobile platform update for our Agent and Brokerage Websites and for me it really hit home. I realized how I really dislike how website browsing is handled between an iPhone, an iPad, and a laptop. Specifically, I don't like being prodded to download someone's app constantly (ahem...ABC News) just to read their news article. I don't like clicking on a link when reading an email on my iPhone only to be told that the page can't be found on a companies' mobile website. I don't like bookmarking a URL from my laptop and when I try to open the bookmark on my iPhone or iPad the page can't be found on a companies' mobile website. These are all really frustrating to me as a consumer.

What Apple is about to push out is another update that will change how we browse the internet and use websites. It's also about to change all of our expectations on what we want in a website experience as consumers. We will quickly get frustrated with the retailers that don't handle this next iOS update properly which will reflect negatively on that retailers brand and could ultimately damage their brand.

I'm looking forward to the day when Apple releases this update. I can picture it now. I'll be at my Starbucks using a mobile website, sipping on my Tazo China Green Tips Full Leaf Tea. I'll soon realize that I have to be at the office for a meeting and I'll run to the office. After my office meeting I'll sit down at my laptop and I'll seamlessly continue what I was doing. But instead of being on my iPhone using a mobile website I'll be on my laptop using a full website. All seamlessly, all because of what Apple is doing with iCloud Tabs.

Sounds great doesn't it? Sure! It sounds great to me as a customer and it should to you too.

Just imagine your customers and consider this: Wouldn't it be great if your customers could use their iPhone locating properties near them, view them right on their phone and then later that same day open up their laptop and be able to easily open up the same page and seamlessly continue what they were doing? That would be a great customer experience and would go a long way towards building your brand.

So, that really sounds great but there's the reality check needed in the website design industry!

I currently don't know of one mobile website I use as a customer that will seamlessly handle this right now. Not even Delta's current system as of today. That's bad news for us website developers.

Well, what's the good news? The good news is this: Delta's next mobile platform will handle iCloud Tabs and the next platform is scheduled for release sometime in August. We're working ahead of the curve with this release and we're not only adding features but we're also making this update iCloud Tab friendly which ultimately gives your customers a great website experience.

With this next release your customers will not only get access to an entirely new, clean, mobile interface but they'll also have a streamlined mobile/non-mobile browsing experience.

If you are an Android user don't feel left out. Apps like TabCloud give you similar functionality inside Android and Google Chrome. Although I don't use an Android device I've read some positive reviews of TabCloud and if this feature interests you and you're on Android you should probably check it out.

One more thing...if you're not sure that your current real estate website will work with iCloud Tabs contact us and we'll audit your sites to see if they are.

This is just another feature that should be leveraged in your local market place as you and your agents position yourself with the competition helping with agent recruiting and listing presentations.

Stay tuned for more information in the next couple weeks on this mobile update!

Monday, July 16, 2012 you REALLY know what's happening in YOUR market?

This update to our system saves Realtors® time and keeps them educated on their market. But, there is a catch...Realtors® need to turn it on!

We just updated our Market Update report system to now include all property changes, not just the previous maximum of 20.

The Market Update is a report designed for Realtors® that's available via email and through the DeltaNet. The Market Update report includes, price changes, new properties, properties that went off market, and sold properties if we have sold data.

What's so great about this report is Realtors® can setup specific zip codes, representing their core markets. The report in the DeltaNet will reflect these zip codes. The Realtor® can then also setup the report to be emailed to them weekly on the day of their choice.

While some MLS' offer this type of a report we've found that not all do. Also, there are areas where one MLS might offer this type of report but another MLS in the same market doesn't and the Realtor® is working in both MLS'.

This is a great way to stay up-to-date on what's going on in your specific market!

Here is a video showing the settings in the DeltaNet.

RE/MAX Benchmark Launches New Site

RE/MAX Benchmark launched their new website last week with Delta. Their new site can be found at

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Updated interface for MyPortfolio Platform

We've updated how the links behave in the MyPortfolio Platform on all Delta Websites. Each customer link for Saved Properties, Saved Searches, etc now auto-scroll to the appropriate area of the MyPortfolio page when clicked. Check out the video below to see how this new feature works.


Blog Post Drafts Make Blogging Easier

Ask and you shall receive!

You asked for the ability to do blog drafts and we have added the ability to save a blog post as a draft. This gives you the ability to write blog posts and keep a draft copy inside our blog system. Once you're ready to publish the blog post all you have to do is click publish. This new feature makes using our blog system much easier! Check out the screen shots below. If you have any questions please contact

'Save Draft' button gives you the ability to have a working blog post draft inside the blog system

Blog post drafts say 'Not Published' to indicate that they aren't published yet

What does Facebook do when you report a post?

We've received a tremendous amount of interest in our new tools just released for our blogging system. As a refresher, you can read about our social sharing blog updates here and read about our Facebook blog comments integration here. Both features were released in the past week and really extend the functionality of our blog system.

Well, quite a few of our customers have asked what happens when you "Report" a blog post. Great question! Facebook was kind enough to release this info-graphic showing what happens when you click on the 'Report' link. Check it out...

Facebook Reporting Guide

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Mobile Real Estate Website Feature...

If you are on our mailing list you should have received an email asking for feedback on our new real estate mobile platform we're working on. (If you aren't on our mailing list send us an email and ask to get added) In case you aren't familiar with what I'm talking are a few screen shots of the new mobile platform being working on.

Anyhow, as we're working on the new mobile platform we've started making some changes that are already going live. One change that just went live is that when a customer tries to visit a webpage on their smartphone that isn't available on the mobile platform we now show a prompt letting the visitor know that the page isn't available on the mobile platform with a link to view it on the full version of the website. (see the screen shot below) If the user visits the page a new window is opened in their browser with the page showing on the full website.

This change is good for your users, especially as we start to bring more and more features to our mobile platform. Keep in mind that we're tracking that about 30% of all visitors right now to our sites are accessing the sites from some sort of mobile device or tablet.

We expect to release our new iPhone and Android real estate mobile platform in the next few coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information!

Social Sharing Blog Integration

We've added social sharing icons to blog posts in our blog system. What this does for website visitors is gives them the ability to share your blog posts on social sites such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook. What this does for you is gives your website more viral exposure and the opportunity for more visitors to find your website as your posts are shared. Below is a screen shot example showing the social integration on a blog post.

Finding the right exactly the right area

Map-Based Market Watch for Customers
Some of your clients have been there.

One found the house she was looking for. The kitchen was right, the family room stood out and the patio was a fantastic bonus. To top it all off, it was located dead in the center of where she wanted to live.

And it sold rather quickly, because it was priced to sell and buyers are looking for the right deal on the right type of listing.

Your client was one of those buyers, and her disappointment was inevitable because she found a great deal on a greater property a few days too late.

The house was such that she began dreaming the moment she stepped foot in it for the first time, and she connected right away with the neighborhood, surrounding area, proximity to places that interested her, and a special school system.

Your comforting wasn't quite enough to make up for the void she felt. But you tried, nonetheless.

You assured her there would be other properties. You comforted her with the idea that you often come across other listings with similar features. And you told her that she might even find a better deal in this market.

For weeks your real estate website sent her emails of similar listings. They had comparable square footage, nice kitchens, great rooms and beautiful patios. Some were a little larger. Some had finished basements. Others had more land and larger garages.

But all were the same to her, because none were in the right part of town.

In fact, most were far enough away go frustrate her. They weren't too far of a drive, but the schools were below her standards, and their proximity wasn't as pertinent to her interests.

So it's when you could offer her more that you peaked her interest. You set up a market report for her based on a map radius. You put the house she had fallen in love with at the center of the circle, and you spoke with her about how far away she'd be willing to live.

You settled on a region and you set the report up for her. She soon began receiving emails with the listings exclusively in that area that went on the market, and she could track their for-sale history, listing price and other details.

That's all it took for her to be able to follow that specific region as thoroughly as she could hope. And as she studied the area, researching other homes for sale and whether they would be worth the price she was willing to pay, she realized she would be on top of checking out any new listing that might hit the market she fell in love with.

The next listing that came along would not slip through her fingers, and she'd be better informed to make a more educated decision in a more timely manner.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to provide Map Radius-based Market Watch Reports for your clients.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ryan Hill Realty Launches New Site With Delta

Ryan Hill Realty in Naperville, Illinois launched their new website with Delta Media Group yesterday. Their new site features the latest technology from Delta Media Group helping to position them and their agents in the Illinois real estate market as online technology leaders. You can see their new website at

More Office Roster Control for Companies

We've added some new features to the office rosters for companies that gives them the ability to have the agent sites open in a new window. We've also added another feature that gives the ability to add a rel=nofollow tag to the agent website links as well. Because of the possible negative SEO effects, the nofollow tag option can only be changed by Delta. However, sometimes there may be reasons why you may want to use the tag as part of your SEO strategy.

The new options are located in the DeltaNet under the Admin Globals Preferences section and the Admin Office Users section. Screen snippets are below:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

J.J. Elek Realty Company Launches New Site

J.J. Elek Realty Company launched their new website with Delta Media Group today ( Based in Woodbridge Township New Jersey Jim Elek launched his real estate career in 1962 and since founding his company in 1970 has grown to over 75 real estate associates. It's our pleasure to welcome Mr. Elek to the family of Delta Media Group Brokerages.

Today's Life Short Sales Went Live Today

Today's Life Short Sales launched their website with Delta Media Group today. The new site is a great short sale site with informational videos, short sale helpful hints, property tax appeal forms, and more... check out their site at