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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Featured listings in your market of expertise

Agents, how do you use featured listings?

Most agents use the featured listings feature for their listings currently in inventory. That's makes's the default in our system.

But, what if agents can do more with their featured listings on their websites?

We already had the ability to do featured listings for agents multiple ways. For example, agents can have their featured listings setup to: Show just their listings; Show their listings except for certain listings (You know that one listing you don't want to feature!); Show their listings and then office listings when they don't have any; Show just office listings; Show their listings and then company listings when they don't have any; Show specific listings; Only lake front properties; etc...all the options are almost exhausting!

Well, we've added another option that really makes sense...we've added the ability to setup featured properties based on market. Basically we're giving agents the ability to feature properties on their home page that are in the specific market they serve. This is great for agents that market themselves as experts in specific markets. Now the featured properties can match their market and contain all properties for sale in that market.

Below is a screen shot of the section where the agents can change this setting. It's located under the Website -> Listing Display section of the DeltaNet™.

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