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Monday, July 9, 2012

Finding the right exactly the right area

Map-Based Market Watch for Customers
Some of your clients have been there.

One found the house she was looking for. The kitchen was right, the family room stood out and the patio was a fantastic bonus. To top it all off, it was located dead in the center of where she wanted to live.

And it sold rather quickly, because it was priced to sell and buyers are looking for the right deal on the right type of listing.

Your client was one of those buyers, and her disappointment was inevitable because she found a great deal on a greater property a few days too late.

The house was such that she began dreaming the moment she stepped foot in it for the first time, and she connected right away with the neighborhood, surrounding area, proximity to places that interested her, and a special school system.

Your comforting wasn't quite enough to make up for the void she felt. But you tried, nonetheless.

You assured her there would be other properties. You comforted her with the idea that you often come across other listings with similar features. And you told her that she might even find a better deal in this market.

For weeks your real estate website sent her emails of similar listings. They had comparable square footage, nice kitchens, great rooms and beautiful patios. Some were a little larger. Some had finished basements. Others had more land and larger garages.

But all were the same to her, because none were in the right part of town.

In fact, most were far enough away go frustrate her. They weren't too far of a drive, but the schools were below her standards, and their proximity wasn't as pertinent to her interests.

So it's when you could offer her more that you peaked her interest. You set up a market report for her based on a map radius. You put the house she had fallen in love with at the center of the circle, and you spoke with her about how far away she'd be willing to live.

You settled on a region and you set the report up for her. She soon began receiving emails with the listings exclusively in that area that went on the market, and she could track their for-sale history, listing price and other details.

That's all it took for her to be able to follow that specific region as thoroughly as she could hope. And as she studied the area, researching other homes for sale and whether they would be worth the price she was willing to pay, she realized she would be on top of checking out any new listing that might hit the market she fell in love with.

The next listing that came along would not slip through her fingers, and she'd be better informed to make a more educated decision in a more timely manner.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to provide Map Radius-based Market Watch Reports for your clients.
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