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Monday, July 30, 2012

Making the most of your many real estate Web identities

By now you might have noticed that we feel a good real estate website is an absolute necessity to your business.

But that can often get confusing because many agents don’t have one website.

Tech trends frequently change, and you’ve tried to keep up with the times.

First it was a website. No matter how bad it was, you were told you needed a real estate presence. “Like a Yellow Pages entry, but online,” you remember another agent telling you. It seems laughable now, but it made sense then.

Then it became another website—a better one. This time you could actually put your properties online for consumers to see.

Then you had an IDX-fed property search. You needed to add this functionality so consumers could use your website to find all real estate listings.

And then you needed consumers to find your website online so they could use your nifty property search, so SEO became important. A lot of rumors and falsities spread around about how to improve SEO, so you bought a lot of domain names and began setting up small websites about the areas you serviced. You didn’t update them much, but you had your own link network.

You then began hearing about a real estate blog, which, you heard described at a conference, helped boost your SEO.

But soon social networks began growing quickly, and you realized updating Facebook and Twitter was both more enjoyable and easier than updating a blog.

And niche real estate social networks began growing in popularity, and a LOT of people at conferences began speaking about those. And some had blogs built in. So you created profiles on all of them.

And somewhere along the line you started realizing not all of these channels were still that relevant, many weren’t built the right way to succeed, and you didn’t have enough time or resources to dedicate to any of them, let alone keep them updated.

That’s actually the same reason you recently switched to a better real estate website—one that has efficient technologies like customer relationship management and automated drip marketing built in.

And this week, you found that same website could help you control your other online entities, too.

You found your blog was a benefit to your business, but you found yourself without the time and resources to update it the way you should. But you just learned you can now set up automated real estate RSS feed subscriptions, which auto-populate your blog with relevant real estate articles from Inman and The Wall Street Journal. In fact, as an agent you can set your blogs up to auto-populate with content from your brokerage’s blog.

You’ve long wondered what to do with all those other websites and blogs you built. You put too much time and effort into them to just shut them down, but you were no longer updating them like you used to.

But you also learned this week that you can now embed your real estate property search directly on other websites. Now those other websites aren’t for naught—each features a similar quick property search, like the one on your website’s home page—the one that drives most of the searches on your site.

You’ve recently learned there are a lot of things you can do with you real estate website, but not using it is not amongst them.

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