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Friday, July 27, 2012

Market Watch Email - What it is and how to use it

Our real estate Market Watch Email, which is part of the upgraded agent system, is one of the newest and coolest features for customers that Delta has for the agents.

What's so great about it? The Market Watch Email is a monthly customer email, branded by the agent, that provides customers real estate market trending graphs, current properties for sale in the market, and sold properties for the market. (You can see the example Market Watch Email in the video below.)

Who's the target customers for the Market Watch Email?
Customers thinking of selling their home - Any customer that's thinking of selling their home in the next couple years can benefit from the email. They can see what's happening in their specific market where they live, all the way down to the subdivision level. They can see the average price, number of properties on the market and average days on the market. They also see what homes are selling for. These things are all really important to anyone considering selling their home. What's great about this email is you become the source for information...not that national portal...
Customers that want to watch their local market - Neighborhood talk is really funny. Everyone always wants to know the latest thing going on in their neighborhood, including what that home just down the street listed for and what the home behind them just sold for. The Market Watch Email gives customers this information. You should be the source of this information!
Customers that just bought a house - People that just bought a house do care about the home prices and the housing market around them. Granted, they probably didn't buy their house to flip it in a few months like they did back in 2006 and 2007. But, they do care about the market. You should be the source of the information for them. Think about it. Even though they just bought a home, they're probably selling it in the next few year. You should be the agent that has kept them informed on their market trends so when they think of selling you don't leave their decision to chance because you've been providing them useful information monthly about their market.
So, check out this video that talks about Market Watch and how it can be used. We have more updates in the works, including the ability for customers to sign-up directly from your site. When that update is released we'll let you know. Meanwhile, here is information on the new format that's being released next week. Also, keep in mind that you need to be on the upgraded platform to have the Market Watch Email feature!

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