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Monday, July 9, 2012

New Mobile Real Estate Website Feature...

If you are on our mailing list you should have received an email asking for feedback on our new real estate mobile platform we're working on. (If you aren't on our mailing list send us an email and ask to get added) In case you aren't familiar with what I'm talking are a few screen shots of the new mobile platform being working on.

Anyhow, as we're working on the new mobile platform we've started making some changes that are already going live. One change that just went live is that when a customer tries to visit a webpage on their smartphone that isn't available on the mobile platform we now show a prompt letting the visitor know that the page isn't available on the mobile platform with a link to view it on the full version of the website. (see the screen shot below) If the user visits the page a new window is opened in their browser with the page showing on the full website.

This change is good for your users, especially as we start to bring more and more features to our mobile platform. Keep in mind that we're tracking that about 30% of all visitors right now to our sites are accessing the sites from some sort of mobile device or tablet.

We expect to release our new iPhone and Android real estate mobile platform in the next few coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information!

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