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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Office Managers - Do you know how your agents stack up?

There is a very simple report in the DeltaNet that can be effectively used by Office Managers in office meetings. The report is our Top Agent Sites Report.

The Top Agent Sites Report shows the ten top agents for the following:

  • Top Agent Sites by Total Unique Visitors - This graph is useful in discussing with agents what they are doing to drive more visitors to their websites. It could be through a marketing campaign such as billboards, Facebook, blogging, etc.
  • Top Agent Sites by Total Page Views - This graph is useful in revealing agent sites that are engaging to the consumer. Generally agents with a high number of total page views are agents that have added content to their site. Content ideas would be market content, subdivision content, builder content, etc.
  • Top Agent Sites by Total Visitor Duration - This graph is useful in revealing how engaging an agent's website is to their customers. Content rich websites are generally the most engaging and get the highest visitor duration time. Content such as videos, marketing content, listing plans, etc.
Sample Total Page Views Graph

We suggest using these graphs and this information to foster and direct office discussions. This can be used to have top ranking agents share what they have done to get the results they are getting.

To generate your report, log into the DeltaNet and type Top Agent Sites into the search box. Or, you can find the report under More, Reports, Top Agent Sites.

Once you're on the report page you can select your criteria. You are able to filter the report by the week of your choice, by office and by agent. Sometimes it may be necessary to filter out one or more agents. For example, if you have a top agent that only does commercial properties you may want to filter them out of the report so you are comparing residential agents to residential agents.

If you find this report useful I would love to hear from you and how you use it! Email me at

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