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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why can't all property photos just be awesome?


Let me vent a little. Bad property photos are terrible. Granted, photography is an art that seems to escape me and many others! Maybe the photography classes I just signed up for will help my bad skills with my hobby. But, bad property photos on websites really bother me and there's no excuse for them.

We can't do much about all the bad photos we see. However, we can try and do something about how the photos look on our sites.

With this in mind, we just made a change with how we handle photos within the featured property viewer on the agent sites.

We've given agents the option of forcing all the photos to be the same height and width. This is really important for agents that setup their featured listings to display in a rotation. Imagine having a property with a landscape oriented photo and then the next property has a portrait oriented photo. It's not pretty!

So, with this change, if the agent enables the feature we show a white letter box on the sides or the top and bottom of the photo. The screen shot below shows an example with the white letter box on the top and bottom.

To enable this feature the agents need to check the check box in the Featured Listing for your home page section to scale the images. Here is a screen shot of the setting.

If you are interested in just turning this on for all your agents just let us know by emailing and we'll take care of it for you.

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