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Monday, August 6, 2012

No one is opening your emails! Change that.

An email is an email is an email.

It might be a personal message. It might be a sales pitch. It might even be an overly inspirational forward from your all-too-happy Aunt Peggy.

Once considered the future of the future that is Internet Marketing, emails have fallen into the category of has-been efforts that are largely ignored by the public.

Say hello to the inflatable-wavy-arm guy, oversized balloons, gorilla suit, sign twirler and face-adorned park bench on the way down the expired marketing pit, emails!

Recent studies show email open rates are declining, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

But email is NOT dead. The silver lining to the same reports are click-through-rates (CTRs) are actually increasing.

Maybe marketers are getting more creative. Or maybe consumers are interested in finding more information from emails they actually deem credible and helpful. Whatever the specific reason, it gives you capabilities to do more business online.

It means generic email templates may no longer work. However, emails that provide a benefit to your customers may actually prove to be more profitable, particularly because your competitors’ emails aren’t getting open much either.

You can outpace your competitors through email because you can provide better email content than your competition can. You use Delta Media Group, and the real estate website and lead management provider just launched a new Market Watch email system that provides your clients with the most informative, detailed real estate market emails in the business.

Your email shows clients the average home price in their area. It shows clients the average days homes in the area stay on the market.

Clients see these charts in the form of line graphs over the past year. Area homes are listed for sale in the sidebar, helping clients to compare the current for-sale listings they might be interested in with the market trends over the past year.

Sure beats the typical ‘new listing’ email, right?

Your emails beat the competition because your emails provide value. Your customers actually learn from them. They see market data they can’t find on other websites. They see market trends they can’t otherwise get access to. And you created it all for them the moment you set them up with a Market Watch report through your Delta Media Group real estate website.

Information is power, and your market emails empower your consumers with the best real estate data they can get access to. Your clients will more likely open them, they’ll learn more from them, and they won’t forget which real estate agent and website provided them with this information when it comes time to buy or sell.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to better empower your clients with real estate Market Watch email reports.
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