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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The best mobile real estate websites

We're on the verge of a major update to our mobile real estate websites for brokerages and for agents. With this update, we're releasing the best mobile real estate website for iPhone and Android Phones available anywhere.

Here are some comments from real estate industry people we've shown our new mobile platform to:
"This is the best mobile real estate solution I've seen!"
"I can't believe how good this is".
"This is awesome!"
"[Your new mobile real estate system] is flippin' awesome! Can't wait!"
We've spent months on this new mobile real estate website solution. We've thought through every aspect of how the mobile website would be used. What home buyers expected when using mobile real estate websites. What customers wanted when they did a property search from their phone. We put ourselves "in the shoes of the customer" and we're delivering the results of our efforts.

We've even come up with some real estate website technology that no one has thought of and is now patent pending. The best part about this patent-pending technology is it's something that's obvious and not a technical, behind-the-scenes type technology. When you see it, you'll wonder why no one else ever thought of it! It's really cool!

So, what's so great about this solution for you, the real estate agent?

With Delta's mobile real estate website solution for agents we're positioning agents on the Delta Platform to have the best mobile technology for their customers, giving their customers the best mobile experience possible and giving you the technical advantage in your market.

Next week we're announcing a webinar geared toward agents, but open to everyone, showing how you can use our mobile solution in your real estate business: How Delta's mobile website system works and how it benefits you as an agent.

Until we announce the webinar next week, here are a few screen shots showing what the patent pending mobile system looks like:

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