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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SEO Strategy That Pays Back Through GCI

With so many ‘voices’ out there how are Real Estate Companies supposed to know who to listen to and what to believe when it comes to their websites and online placement (aka Search Engine Optimization)? You would think that some of the sources who tout themselves as SEO experts should have the best interests of these companies at heart. I’m here to let you know that they usually do not!

With doing so many websites around the country I think we’ve seen just about everything and heard just about everything as well. We see Real Estate Companies receiving ‘advice’ on how they should handle customers and what should be emailed to them. We see ‘advice’ telling Real Estate Companies how to handle data feeds and where to link the traffic.

Well, here is some free advice that if listened to, can generate your company millions of dollars in transactions. We have a proven track-record with following this advice and can back-up everything being said here with a proven track-record of over ten years doing SEO. We do know what we’re talking about!

So, here’s some free advice...

All links must link back to YOUR site
You can not compromise on the fact that every link from all possible sources must link back to your website. This includes links from any portal, links from any emails. All traffic!

While there may not be any link value and while search engines may not be able to follow some of these links it is well known that search engines do favor sites that get more traffic. There is no way you should ever link any visitor to any website other than your primary website.

The way your website is designed is critical to your online success. One element that is important is the URL structure of your pages. We’ve paid attention to URL structures and what works along with what doesn’t work. Sometimes we’ve seen some self-proclaimed ‘SEO Experts’ only recommend a specific URL structure and if their structure isn’t followed then your not doing what you should for good SEO. This is flat out wrong! 

URL structure must fit with an overall strategy for SEO results that has a proven track record that can be verified. If an SEO Expert can’t show you any website they do that gets a large amount of visitors and search engine traffic don’t use them.

I’ve seen too many cases where Real Estate Companies insisted a specific URL structure be used, against our advice, only to have a huge negative effect on the overall SEO of the website. Unfortunately, these self-proclaimed experts seem to disappear or point fingers when their recommendation does the opposite of what was intended. The bottom line: Listen to people with a proven track record of generating huge increases in meaningful website traffic that converts into business. These types of experts, like the team at Delta, take responsibility for the results and stand behind the work because they know what the heck their doing! So, don’t argue too much between Permalink style structure or Property Address style structure but do go with an OVERALL strategy with a proven track record.

Content Does Matter
The content on your site helps to supplement any SEO effort made through any systems implemented for SEO. Only so much can be done using listing data for SEO results. To have the strongest SEO results there needs to be an overall SEO strategy that includes content mixed in with listing data over an extended period of time.

Don’t expect to get great results by adding some content and hoping your site does well for months to come. Content needs worked on consistently over time.

An Easy to Use Site Gets SEO Ranking
Google is rewarding websites that customers find easy to use. We can’t put it any simpler. This is why we’ve spent thousands of hours working through how things work before we even build them. Why? It’s just as important, if not more important, to give customers a GREAT experience on your site during their property search.

An Integrated Mobile Strategy Helps SEO Ranking
In September 2012 we released our new Mobile Platform. It was written from the ground up with user experience and SEO in mind. Google is rewarding our customers for this integration already. When we launch a customer on our Mobile Platform Google generally crawls thousands of mobile pages within hours and in some cases within one hour. We even have sites that get millions of pages indexed daily. Mobile is helping to contribute to how well sites are indexed.

Meta Tags don’t do much
Meta tags such as keywords and description tags don’t do much if anything at all now. We have been able to get thousands of pages on the top three spots on page one without doing anything with the meta tags. Don’t worry too much about meta tags, as long as you’re paying attention to everything else!

Can’t SEO be Included?
To get good SEO you have to spend money! Period. There is no way to get GREAT SEO results and not have to spend money on an ongoing basis. Sometimes we get asked by Real Estate Companies why we charge for SEO. It’s simple, our SEO generates so much activity from search engines that it puts a load on our systems. Granted, a website may only get around 200,000 visits monthly, but with the number of sites we do that get that kind of traffic get millions of pages crawled monthly. This puts load on servers that needs to be paid for. So, if you want big results, you have to pay.

SEO Can Not be Automated
There is no way to automate SEO and get the desired results. To get good results for SEO you have to pay attention to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools on a regular, ongoing basis. Changes and tweaks to the overall SEO strategy must be made over time to get the desired results. This is manual work done by real people that has to be paid for. The people that really know what they’re doing also command a premium because the high level of results they get.

Is SEO Done Once and Then I’m Good?
No. SEO work needs done constantly and consistently to achieve and maintain top-level ranking in the major search engines. Again, the only way to do this is with a ‘hands-on’ approach by real people.

Delta Media Group’s SEO Team
With Delta Media Group’s SEO Team, what you see is what you get.  A top-tier team of SEO experts dedicated exclusively to our Real Estate customers’ search engine needs.  The Delta Media SEO Team works daily to incorporate all elements of SEO to develop your website and DELIVER RESULTS!

YouTube Videos on Mobile Real Estate

A new feature was pushed live this morning giving all Delta Customers using our Mobile Real Estate Platform the ability to showcase YouTube property videos to their customers. To best show this feature watch this short video showing what it is and how it works!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Stay connected with your customers using Market Watch

Market Watch  is a monthly, agent-branded Email that contains Market Trends including Average Property Price, Average Days On Market, and Total Listings On Market. The report also includes two other sections. One for recently Sold Properties and another one for properties currently on the market.

The email provides your customers with up-to-date market information on their specific market. We believe this report is good for you, as an agent, to send to anyone you come in contact with, regardless of where they are in their home buying or selling process. Even someone that just purchased a property is interested in what's happening in their market, even if they don't intend to sell for a few years and Market Watch is a perfect way to keep your branding with this customer.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your Customer will be able to know their market and what currently going on in that market, helping them make one of the most important decisions of their lives, when to buy or sell their home.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

The report is easy to set up and runs automatically. Your Customer will view you as the authority for information on the market they are looking to buy or sell in. Also, you're able to stay in contact with customers with relevant information that they care about.

Video Introduction of Market Watch

Watch this video to get an introduction to Market Watch from Delta Media Group...

How do you set this up for your Customer?

There are 5 steps needed to setup a Market Watch. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and go to the Customer Center.

Step 2

Choose the customer from the Customer Detailed List and click on their name.

Step 3

Click on Add a Market Watch.

Step 4

Choose either by Market or by Radius. By Market will allow you to choose specific markets by name and by Radius will allow you to set up a Market Watch centered on a specific location with the area inside the radius to be included in the Market Watch.

Step 5 (by Market)

Enter the State, County, and Market (City Name, Subdivision, Area, or School District). Just start typing and the auto-complete feature will suggest matches to your entry. Click save and the Market Watch is completed and will be sent to your customer.

Step 5 (by Radius)

Enter an address in the top bar or move the marker to the general location in the state the customer is looking in. To zoom in, you can use the Zoom Slider located on the left side of the map, or you can double click near the marker to zoom in. click and hold on one of the boxes that define the circle and drag, to change the coverage area of the radius. Click Save and the Market Watch is completed and will be sent to your customer.

Preview the Market Watch

Clicking the preview button now gives the agent a choice between viewing the report in their browser window or by email like it was originally.

Example Market Watch Email

Market Watch FAQ's

Q. Can I set-up more than one Market Watch  to be emailed to my  'customer'?
Yes, you can set up multiple Market Watches for any customer

Q. If a customer asks me what is the purpose of this Email, what do I tell them?
The Market Watch Email is a tool for the customer to help them stay informed on the current market conditions including what's for sale, what's selling, and what the trending is.

Q. Can I disable or change the Market Watch for my customers?
A.  Yes. It's very easy to update the Market Watch settings from the DeltaNet.

Q. Can I get a copy of the Email?
Yes, below the  Market Watch  in the Customer Information, the box labelled 'Copy me on this email' will send you a copy if checked. 

Q. Is Market Watch Email part of the upgrade or standard agent system?
A. It is part of the upgrade.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leveraging Social channels to build your brand

What is the purpose of Social Media?

Have you ever stepped back and asked yourself that question?

By now, Social Media has become so engrained in our culture that it’s often difficult to view it as it is.

It began with college kids embracing its innovativeness, and dissenters arguing, “this is just a fad.”

As it opened to a larger population, more people slowly began to utilize it, and more people became believers. Soon, those who previously swore by MySpace switched over to Facebook, and Facebook enthusiasts found a new love in Twitter.

Google+ entered the foray, along with mobile services Instagram and Path, and the recipe and home remodeling-happy Pinterest.

It hasn’t been all that many years, but Social Media has evolved from a somewhat laughable leisure to a lasting lot in our lives.

And guess what happened to the late teens that spent much of their college years playing on Facebook.

They grew up, many got jobs, and several are now looking for their first house.

And guess what channels they’re using to communicate…

In less than a decade, Social Media has become so ingrained in our culture that it’s now evolving to work as a sales channel and primary influencer in consumers’ buying decisions. That’s a trend that began with Generation Yers, transferred to Millenials, and now has trickled up to Generation Xers and even Baby Boomers.

Word of mouth, which always served as a top influencer among Baby Boomers, has now turned to Social influence. In reality, Social just allows for a different kind of word of mouth. But it’s a more vocal “word” from a much bigger “mouth” heard by many, many more “ears.”

What is said on Social Media has the capability of spreading very rapidly. That can work to the good of a product or service, but it can also work in a very negative way. If a consumer is looking for a good, reliable baby sitter, she might ask on Facebook to hear the opinions of her friends.

But if she has a negative experience with a baby sitter, she might post it on Facebook and even people who aren’t currently looking for a sitter will take note, and may even sway their friends away from the horror stories they read on Facebook.

And while a baby sitter can be easily replaced, a real estate agent is ultimately asking a customer to trust him with what might be the biggest deal of the customer’s life. That places a lot more value in the good, and much, much more harm in the bad.

You may attempt to sway public opinion with your own Facebook page. You may tweet articles about real estate, community news and events, even new homes for sale in the market. You might create a Pinterest board with attractive, cheap ideas for new home owners. You may even create videos about the local market and post them to your YouTube channel. But your service and your reputation can spread by your customers through those means, and your own presence might not be strong enough to combat it alone.

The positive feedback you can get will help shape that opinion. The recommendations you receive, and the type of service you provide that prompts those recommendations, combined with the types of easily accessible mediums on which consumers can post their recommendations, positive feedback and great experiences.

The more Social Media has changed the way the world communicates, the more we can see that the world’s communication and its influence doesn’t drastically change. And while you can’t control all that’s said about you in these new mediums with their larger audiences, you can influence it, and you can provide the avenues that encourage your customers to turn from people who have done business with you to raving fans.

It’s not an overnight process, but it’s a business philosophy that can be well executed with the help of a team that knows how best to use modern technologies and Internet Marketing principles to your advantage as a real estate agent.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to better leverage your customers and Social Media presence to increase business and referrals.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Seller Reports is an easy to set up report that benefits you and your seller

Seller Reports is a weekly, agent-branded property traffic report email designed for agent's customers. The email provides many times a sellers' property has been viewed by customers and crawled by the search engines, along with an optional section with information on competing properties for sale in the market and pending properties in the market.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your Customer will be able to see your marketing efforts at a glance, giving them information on how often their house has been viewed by potential buyers and web crawlers over the history of the listing. The competition section gives them comparable listings, listing information, list date, and the listing price, so your Customer knows what is going on in the market that their property is competing for buyers in. The Pending section gives the Customer comparable listings, listing information, list date, and the listing price, so your customers know what the buyers are acting on. For the comparable listings we use the Customer's listing price plus and minus 30 percent, square feet within 15 percent, located in the same city and zip code, to give the closest comparison.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

The report is easy to set up and runs automatically. You can choose to send it to your Customer and/or yourself. You can personalize the message so it is tailored to your personal style. This shows the Customer that you are not just listing their house, you are actively selling their house. This information is also useful in determining if you have done enough to market the listing and will help you decide whether or not a change in strategy is working.

How do you set this up for your Customer?

There are six steps needed to setup Seller Reports. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and go to your active listings. 

Step 2

In the second to the last column titled 'Seller Reports', click on the words 'None set' (if you already have a seller report set up, this column will tell you who receives the report).

Step 3

Next, choose 'Setup Report To A Seller' or 'Setup Report To Just You The Agent'.

Step 4

Enter the email address (only one email address per person is permitted) or name of your seller to see if the seller's information is already in our system, then press “Next Step”.

Step 5

You will be given a list of matching Customers in the system for you to select, click “Next” or you can click “No Users Matched” to reenter the the email address or name of your seller.

Step 6

Select who to send the report to (Seller only, Agent only, or Both Agent and Seller) and what day of the week the report should be sent.

Step 7

You can send the report by Email right away, by clicking the 'Send Now' button.

Note: Please keep in mind that the report information starts on Monday, regardless of when the report is sent.

Example Seller Report Email

Here is a sample screen capture showing what a Seller Report Email may look like for your customers. Keep in mind that the logo shown on your Seller Reports will be your company logo with your personal branding!

Seller Report FAQ's

Q. Can I setup one Seller Report to be emailed to more than one 'customer'?
Yes you can. Sometimes it may be necessary to setup one Seller Report to get emailed separately to two different people. The system does support this ability.

Q. If a customer asks me what Search Engine Web Crawler Views means what do I tell them?
Search engine web crawler views is important because it shows the efforts that your technology provider (Delta Media Group) is doing on an ongoing basis to try and ensure good exposure of their property online.

Q. Can I disable the Competition Section or the Sale Pending Section on the Seller Report Email?
Yes you can.

Q. I don't see the Sale Pending section on my seller reports. What can I do?
First, check and make sure you don't have that section disabled on the report. Second, your MLS may not provide sold data or sold data is not yet integrated for your MLS. It's best to contact so we can assist you in getting this section added to your reports.

Q. Are Seller Reports part of the upgrade or standard agent system?
A. Seller Reports are available in both the standard and upgrade agent systems.

Q. Can the seller report be sent now?
A. Seller Reports are available to be sent as soon as they are created by clicking on the 'Send Now' button.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What impact will the iPhone 5 have on Real Estate?

If you missed Apple’s announcement yesterday, you must have been in a hole.

We’re betting that wasn’t the case because, if you’re like most real estate agents, you’re almost constantly in touch with your email, your website, your social networks and everything else that’s going on in the world.

Your smartphone is much of the reason you’re able to keep tabs on your digital life and business. And eager customers will begin lining up within days to get their hands on the newest, shiniest one out there when the iPhone 5 officially hits the market. Some economists have even suggested the iPhone 5’s launch could significantly boost GDP, pointing to just how highly regarded the smartphone is.

The phenomenon that has become Apple’s announcements is not only a testament to the company’s fantastic marketing and innovation, but a sign of the direction consumers and the economy are moving toward.

We previously noted that 90 percent of consumers’ daily media consumption is occurring across four different devices, and that 77 percent of the time consumers are watching TV while using another device.

Apple might understand this as well as any other company, and even announced Wednesday that Safari tabs can follow users “to the desktop in Mountain Lion, or to other iOS 6 devices like the iPad” when the new operating system is released next week.

Though Safari only accounted for 5.43 percent of desktop traffic as of October 2011, it accounted for more than 62 percent of mobile Web browsing traffic. And Apple’s new iCloud Tabs update allows users to converge their mobile life with their desktop life for the first time.

That might equate to convenience to you, but it could turn to a Godsend to digital marketers that constantly struggle to understand how their customer base is using different channels to access their online message.

One of the biggest data issues digital analysts face is deciphering what share of multi-device traffic comes from the same users. When a customer accesses your website on their desktop at work, checks it again from their mobile phone, views it at home from their laptop and looks again on their tablet, online reports track those as four independent visitors to your website.

Google Analytics can’t understand multi-channel visitors might be the same person, but Delta Media Group can when it comes to your leads.

Delta Media Group’s lead management platform tracks your customers so their lead activity is recorded accurately regardless of the device they’re using to access your real estate website.

And that’s good, considering our aggressive push with our new real estate mobile website platform, which more of our customers’ customers are beginning to use in the short time they’ve had access to its convenient property search features.

The mobile website is just one of many channels that influence buyer decisions, and one of the many ways Delta Media Group is working to help improve your multi-channel marketing efforts.

Whether through Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest; smartphone or tablet; desktop or search engine, we’re offering the best ways to market your real estate business, the best technology built to operate on the latest devices, and the most education to make sure you understand how to improve your business.

The iPhone 5 is just one of many new technological innovations. To some, it will be a toy. To your customers, it might be the most convenient way to find everything they’re searching for almost instantly—because you’ve been able to find them there.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information on how to best market to a market utilizing multiple channels.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Why your real estate brokerage should stop searching for search

Google’s rise to greatness has been well documented among business analysts.

But it shouldn’t be all that surprising.

How Google went about building such a successful search engine—between its ability to crawl the entire Internet, creating an algorithm to determine ranking results, utilizing PageRank to score the weight linking plays into the algorithm, and delivering the results so well, so fast—isn’t the least bit simple.

But Google’s philosophy was simple in that it aimed to offer consumers the easiest way to find what they’re looking for.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin recognized the Web presented a wealth of information, and the key to the Internet’s future would be categorizing that data in such a way that consumers could easily search and instantly access the finite points of it that matter to them.

Google has built a fantastic tool that has probably made all of our lives easier at different times. Google has also set a precedent that Web users now recognize—if they can’t quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll go somewhere else where they can.

That point should hammer home a reality to every single real estate agent and brokerage in the country. You have websites that offer homes for sale, whether through your personal listings or from an IDX feed. Consumers want to quickly and easily find those that best cater to their needs.

Real estate can vary greatly in each market. To pretend differently would be insulting to you as a real estate agent.

And yet, many technology providers go on, offering generic solutions that might blanket the real estate industry, but don’t target the market your brokerage and agents serve, and don’t allow for customization.

These solutions assume that your clients will only search how you allow them, rather than find a different website that will ease their search frustrations. In nearly every case, that website will be your competitor’s.

It’s a simple truth that has helped drive our business motivation. Delta Media Group builds real estate websites that are developed with a real estate agent in mind. That means they’re built with a real estate agent’s customer in mind.

This ideal motivates us to build websites consumers will use to find the properties they want instantly. It’s what you see when you use the auto-complete Quick Search option on our real estate websites. It’s what you find when you search for properties using our interactive Atlas Search Google-powered property map. And it translates in our new Mobile real estate website built for smartphones, which a growing number of consumers are using to search for properties on the go.

We even allow you to customize these search features. This can be seen in a recent update, which allows brokerages to set up their quick searches based on address type, which can defer between markets.

And our concern with search doesn’t stop there. We’re also taking active steps to help search engines like Google to find your website when consumers are turning to search to find more information on the home, area, or real estate agent they’re looking for.

Search is very important us, and it helps you limit your search when trying to find your next real estate technology partner. Contact Delta Media Group.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Customers can more easily add Delta's Mobile App to their home screen

An update to Delta's Mobile App was pushed live today that makes it easier for customers using an iPhone to add the app to their home screen. When a user first visits a Delta powered Mobile App they see a tip letting them know how to add the App to their home screen. Below is a screen shot...

PDF of Mobile Trending Webinar

There was a great response to our Mobile Trending in Real Estate webinar yesterday. Some information and statistics will be posted later today but we wanted to get the PDF of the presentation posted this morning for those of you that requested it. So, here is the PDF of the presentation for you to use with your agents:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New search option for companies' real estate websites

New Property Address Search Options

We've released a new feature to the Delta Media Group real estate website platform for companies today. The new feature gives companies more control over how the property search works when dealing with address searches.

So what is the new option?

The screen shot below shows the three new options available for handling property address searches. The three options are:

  1. Search Method A - If a user types in '123 Main St' the system will search for any address that contains '123' and 'Main' and 'St' anywhere in it's address.
  2. Search Method B - If a user types in '123 Main St' the system will search for any address that contains '123 Main St' in it's address.
  3. Search Method A + B - If a user types in '123 Main St' the system will search for any address that contains '123' and 'Main' and 'St' or '123 Main St' anywhere in it's address.

What does this new option do for me?

We've found that depending on where you're located in the country your users may want the search to behave differently. We've run across companies that want the address to just search on an exact match and others that want to find all the matches possible. Basically this puts you in more control over how your search works in your local market.

What is the default setting?

Delta's default setting for companies is Search Method A.

Where do I change this setting if I want to?

You're able to change this setting from the Administrative side of the DeltaNet. It's located under the More -> Preferences -> Search section.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding this change please contact

New Generation Realty Launches new website

New Generations Realty in Virginia launched their new website with Delta Media Group. You can see their new website at

Are you marketing to multiple devices?

When was the last time you watched TV without your phone nearby?

Maybe you managed to leave it plugged into the charger, but was your tablet on your lap?

You’ve begun searching the Web more from those devices, but odds are, you might have been on a PC at some point this week, if not daily.

If those scenarios sound familiar, that means you’re just like the average modern-day consumer.

People are now consuming digital content almost entirely from smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs. New research from Google and two market analyst companies shows “90% of all of our media consumption, or 4.4 hours per day, is happening across all four [devices] (which doesn’t leave much room for paper-based books and publications; or for radio).”

That doesn’t bode well for the newspaper ad you recently ran, the homes magazine you’ve typically listed your properties in, and the radio ads you were considering.

The study goes on to state that “users are watching TV on average for 43 minutes per day — the most of any screen — but 77% of that time we are simultaneously using another device like a smartphone or tablet.”

While TVs lead the way in average usage at 43 minutes per day, PCs/laptops are second with 39 minutes per day, tablets are used 30 minutes per day, and smartphones are used 17 minutes per day.

You’ve always felt relatively comfortable with your marketing—you recently invested in a powerful new real estate website that gives you lead management capabilities. But you might not have thought about marketing to smartphone users. And tablet and TV hasn’t really crossed your mind, or budget.

It’s not difficult for you to understand that your real estate clients are leaning on your expertise in these changing times, but you’re looking for expertise to help guide you through your technology decisions.

Times have changed, and continue to change. Technology continues to advance. There seems to be a new social network every few weeks, and it’s difficult to keep up with the statistics of it all.

You might have noticed Delta Media Group’s blog, and that it’s updated each week with marketing information, digital details and new functionalities that are built specifically to improve your real estate technology footprint.

You might recognize that all those items that have caused your head to spin—mobile browsers, QR codes, SEO, PPC, Social Media, interactive maps—are frequently detailed and discussed on that real estate blog.

But it’s not just a matter of talking, or blogging about the subject material. It comes down to using it to help improve your real estate business. You want to make sure your real estate website is built with the best Web practices in mind. That your site will show up in searches across the Web. That users will easily find it, and you’ll easily capture their information.

You want to stay on top of email marketing, but not spend all week trying to do so. You want to have the best mobile website, which can be found by search engines, offer good mobile SEO, and will be used both by consumers on the go and those playing on their smartphones while watching TV.

You want to make sure consumers can use their tablets and smartphones to find homes even more easily than they might on a desktop. They’re searching by location, often in a hurry, and they’re touching and interacting with their screen. That’s functionality that can improve a user’s experience, but only when used correctly.

You want to make sure Smart TV owners are able to find you when they’re using their remote to hop on Facebook and check their news feed. That they connected with you through their social networks because they found how integrated those networks were with your real estate website.

You want to make sure you’re on top of the best real estate practices, and each practice is helping find potential customers in different ways, on different platforms. You want to be in front of them when they’re browsing Facebook rather than watching TV commercials. You want to be in front of them when they turn to Google to find more information on the home they spotted on the way to work.

You want to be their go-to source for everything real estate. But you need a go-to source for everything real estate technology if you ever want to get there.

Contact Delta Media Group to see if we can help.

Understand your mobile customers

Understand why 40% of your traffic is mobile and what Delta is doing to stay ahead of the changes in customer behavior.
Lately our world has become so busy. Very rarely do we find the time to leisurely sit down in front of the computer and look up information. Instead, we’re using our mobile phones and tablets from the couch, the patio, or where ever we find ourselves, to read the latest news, hear the latest gossip, and ‘surf the web.’

Your customers are no different!

These days’ customers want instant access to what they’re looking for, from where they are. The trends are shocking and Delta has answers!

This is why we’ve created a 30 minute webinar discussing your customers and their mobile behavior, where it was 12 months ago, where it is today, and where it’s going in 2013.

Would it shock you if we told you that we’re projecting that nearly 62% of your weekend traffic will be mobile in 2013? Well, that’s what we’re projecting!

So, you owe it to yourselves and your agents to attend this webinar and hear these trends and see Delta’s new mobile platform that’s being launched this month. What’s better is we’re giving away an iPhone 5 to one lucky attendee at the end of the webinar.

So, sign-up today for the webinar. Seating is limited to 1,000 attendees so hurry-up. Also, please share this with your agents so they can hear first-hand these trends.

If you would like more information now, you can preview a demo of Delta’s Mobile on a few of our social media channels. Check out the links below...

Hope to see you all on the webinar!

Michael Minard