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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you marketing to multiple devices?

When was the last time you watched TV without your phone nearby?

Maybe you managed to leave it plugged into the charger, but was your tablet on your lap?

You’ve begun searching the Web more from those devices, but odds are, you might have been on a PC at some point this week, if not daily.

If those scenarios sound familiar, that means you’re just like the average modern-day consumer.

People are now consuming digital content almost entirely from smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs. New research from Google and two market analyst companies shows “90% of all of our media consumption, or 4.4 hours per day, is happening across all four [devices] (which doesn’t leave much room for paper-based books and publications; or for radio).”

That doesn’t bode well for the newspaper ad you recently ran, the homes magazine you’ve typically listed your properties in, and the radio ads you were considering.

The study goes on to state that “users are watching TV on average for 43 minutes per day — the most of any screen — but 77% of that time we are simultaneously using another device like a smartphone or tablet.”

While TVs lead the way in average usage at 43 minutes per day, PCs/laptops are second with 39 minutes per day, tablets are used 30 minutes per day, and smartphones are used 17 minutes per day.

You’ve always felt relatively comfortable with your marketing—you recently invested in a powerful new real estate website that gives you lead management capabilities. But you might not have thought about marketing to smartphone users. And tablet and TV hasn’t really crossed your mind, or budget.

It’s not difficult for you to understand that your real estate clients are leaning on your expertise in these changing times, but you’re looking for expertise to help guide you through your technology decisions.

Times have changed, and continue to change. Technology continues to advance. There seems to be a new social network every few weeks, and it’s difficult to keep up with the statistics of it all.

You might have noticed Delta Media Group’s blog, and that it’s updated each week with marketing information, digital details and new functionalities that are built specifically to improve your real estate technology footprint.

You might recognize that all those items that have caused your head to spin—mobile browsers, QR codes, SEO, PPC, Social Media, interactive maps—are frequently detailed and discussed on that real estate blog.

But it’s not just a matter of talking, or blogging about the subject material. It comes down to using it to help improve your real estate business. You want to make sure your real estate website is built with the best Web practices in mind. That your site will show up in searches across the Web. That users will easily find it, and you’ll easily capture their information.

You want to stay on top of email marketing, but not spend all week trying to do so. You want to have the best mobile website, which can be found by search engines, offer good mobile SEO, and will be used both by consumers on the go and those playing on their smartphones while watching TV.

You want to make sure consumers can use their tablets and smartphones to find homes even more easily than they might on a desktop. They’re searching by location, often in a hurry, and they’re touching and interacting with their screen. That’s functionality that can improve a user’s experience, but only when used correctly.

You want to make sure Smart TV owners are able to find you when they’re using their remote to hop on Facebook and check their news feed. That they connected with you through their social networks because they found how integrated those networks were with your real estate website.

You want to make sure you’re on top of the best real estate practices, and each practice is helping find potential customers in different ways, on different platforms. You want to be in front of them when they’re browsing Facebook rather than watching TV commercials. You want to be in front of them when they turn to Google to find more information on the home they spotted on the way to work.

You want to be their go-to source for everything real estate. But you need a go-to source for everything real estate technology if you ever want to get there.

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