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Friday, September 14, 2012

Seller Reports is an easy to set up report that benefits you and your seller

Seller Reports is a weekly, agent-branded property traffic report email designed for agent's customers. The email provides many times a sellers' property has been viewed by customers and crawled by the search engines, along with an optional section with information on competing properties for sale in the market and pending properties in the market.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your Customer will be able to see your marketing efforts at a glance, giving them information on how often their house has been viewed by potential buyers and web crawlers over the history of the listing. The competition section gives them comparable listings, listing information, list date, and the listing price, so your Customer knows what is going on in the market that their property is competing for buyers in. The Pending section gives the Customer comparable listings, listing information, list date, and the listing price, so your customers know what the buyers are acting on. For the comparable listings we use the Customer's listing price plus and minus 30 percent, square feet within 15 percent, located in the same city and zip code, to give the closest comparison.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

The report is easy to set up and runs automatically. You can choose to send it to your Customer and/or yourself. You can personalize the message so it is tailored to your personal style. This shows the Customer that you are not just listing their house, you are actively selling their house. This information is also useful in determining if you have done enough to market the listing and will help you decide whether or not a change in strategy is working.

How do you set this up for your Customer?

There are six steps needed to setup Seller Reports. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and go to your active listings. 

Step 2

In the second to the last column titled 'Seller Reports', click on the words 'None set' (if you already have a seller report set up, this column will tell you who receives the report).

Step 3

Next, choose 'Setup Report To A Seller' or 'Setup Report To Just You The Agent'.

Step 4

Enter the email address (only one email address per person is permitted) or name of your seller to see if the seller's information is already in our system, then press “Next Step”.

Step 5

You will be given a list of matching Customers in the system for you to select, click “Next” or you can click “No Users Matched” to reenter the the email address or name of your seller.

Step 6

Select who to send the report to (Seller only, Agent only, or Both Agent and Seller) and what day of the week the report should be sent.

Step 7

You can send the report by Email right away, by clicking the 'Send Now' button.

Note: Please keep in mind that the report information starts on Monday, regardless of when the report is sent.

Example Seller Report Email

Here is a sample screen capture showing what a Seller Report Email may look like for your customers. Keep in mind that the logo shown on your Seller Reports will be your company logo with your personal branding!

Seller Report FAQ's

Q. Can I setup one Seller Report to be emailed to more than one 'customer'?
Yes you can. Sometimes it may be necessary to setup one Seller Report to get emailed separately to two different people. The system does support this ability.

Q. If a customer asks me what Search Engine Web Crawler Views means what do I tell them?
Search engine web crawler views is important because it shows the efforts that your technology provider (Delta Media Group) is doing on an ongoing basis to try and ensure good exposure of their property online.

Q. Can I disable the Competition Section or the Sale Pending Section on the Seller Report Email?
Yes you can.

Q. I don't see the Sale Pending section on my seller reports. What can I do?
First, check and make sure you don't have that section disabled on the report. Second, your MLS may not provide sold data or sold data is not yet integrated for your MLS. It's best to contact so we can assist you in getting this section added to your reports.

Q. Are Seller Reports part of the upgrade or standard agent system?
A. Seller Reports are available in both the standard and upgrade agent systems.

Q. Can the seller report be sent now?
A. Seller Reports are available to be sent as soon as they are created by clicking on the 'Send Now' button.

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