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Thursday, September 13, 2012

What impact will the iPhone 5 have on Real Estate?

If you missed Apple’s announcement yesterday, you must have been in a hole.

We’re betting that wasn’t the case because, if you’re like most real estate agents, you’re almost constantly in touch with your email, your website, your social networks and everything else that’s going on in the world.

Your smartphone is much of the reason you’re able to keep tabs on your digital life and business. And eager customers will begin lining up within days to get their hands on the newest, shiniest one out there when the iPhone 5 officially hits the market. Some economists have even suggested the iPhone 5’s launch could significantly boost GDP, pointing to just how highly regarded the smartphone is.

The phenomenon that has become Apple’s announcements is not only a testament to the company’s fantastic marketing and innovation, but a sign of the direction consumers and the economy are moving toward.

We previously noted that 90 percent of consumers’ daily media consumption is occurring across four different devices, and that 77 percent of the time consumers are watching TV while using another device.

Apple might understand this as well as any other company, and even announced Wednesday that Safari tabs can follow users “to the desktop in Mountain Lion, or to other iOS 6 devices like the iPad” when the new operating system is released next week.

Though Safari only accounted for 5.43 percent of desktop traffic as of October 2011, it accounted for more than 62 percent of mobile Web browsing traffic. And Apple’s new iCloud Tabs update allows users to converge their mobile life with their desktop life for the first time.

That might equate to convenience to you, but it could turn to a Godsend to digital marketers that constantly struggle to understand how their customer base is using different channels to access their online message.

One of the biggest data issues digital analysts face is deciphering what share of multi-device traffic comes from the same users. When a customer accesses your website on their desktop at work, checks it again from their mobile phone, views it at home from their laptop and looks again on their tablet, online reports track those as four independent visitors to your website.

Google Analytics can’t understand multi-channel visitors might be the same person, but Delta Media Group can when it comes to your leads.

Delta Media Group’s lead management platform tracks your customers so their lead activity is recorded accurately regardless of the device they’re using to access your real estate website.

And that’s good, considering our aggressive push with our new real estate mobile website platform, which more of our customers’ customers are beginning to use in the short time they’ve had access to its convenient property search features.

The mobile website is just one of many channels that influence buyer decisions, and one of the many ways Delta Media Group is working to help improve your multi-channel marketing efforts.

Whether through Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest; smartphone or tablet; desktop or search engine, we’re offering the best ways to market your real estate business, the best technology built to operate on the latest devices, and the most education to make sure you understand how to improve your business.

The iPhone 5 is just one of many new technological innovations. To some, it will be a toy. To your customers, it might be the most convenient way to find everything they’re searching for almost instantly—because you’ve been able to find them there.

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