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Monday, September 10, 2012

Why your real estate brokerage should stop searching for search

Google’s rise to greatness has been well documented among business analysts.

But it shouldn’t be all that surprising.

How Google went about building such a successful search engine—between its ability to crawl the entire Internet, creating an algorithm to determine ranking results, utilizing PageRank to score the weight linking plays into the algorithm, and delivering the results so well, so fast—isn’t the least bit simple.

But Google’s philosophy was simple in that it aimed to offer consumers the easiest way to find what they’re looking for.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin recognized the Web presented a wealth of information, and the key to the Internet’s future would be categorizing that data in such a way that consumers could easily search and instantly access the finite points of it that matter to them.

Google has built a fantastic tool that has probably made all of our lives easier at different times. Google has also set a precedent that Web users now recognize—if they can’t quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll go somewhere else where they can.

That point should hammer home a reality to every single real estate agent and brokerage in the country. You have websites that offer homes for sale, whether through your personal listings or from an IDX feed. Consumers want to quickly and easily find those that best cater to their needs.

Real estate can vary greatly in each market. To pretend differently would be insulting to you as a real estate agent.

And yet, many technology providers go on, offering generic solutions that might blanket the real estate industry, but don’t target the market your brokerage and agents serve, and don’t allow for customization.

These solutions assume that your clients will only search how you allow them, rather than find a different website that will ease their search frustrations. In nearly every case, that website will be your competitor’s.

It’s a simple truth that has helped drive our business motivation. Delta Media Group builds real estate websites that are developed with a real estate agent in mind. That means they’re built with a real estate agent’s customer in mind.

This ideal motivates us to build websites consumers will use to find the properties they want instantly. It’s what you see when you use the auto-complete Quick Search option on our real estate websites. It’s what you find when you search for properties using our interactive Atlas Search Google-powered property map. And it translates in our new Mobile real estate website built for smartphones, which a growing number of consumers are using to search for properties on the go.

We even allow you to customize these search features. This can be seen in a recent update, which allows brokerages to set up their quick searches based on address type, which can defer between markets.

And our concern with search doesn’t stop there. We’re also taking active steps to help search engines like Google to find your website when consumers are turning to search to find more information on the home, area, or real estate agent they’re looking for.

Search is very important us, and it helps you limit your search when trying to find your next real estate technology partner. Contact Delta Media Group.
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