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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Listing Notes make REALTORS® more efficient

Do you ever have the need to keep notes on a property you have listed?

Those notes could be just about anything. From basic notes just so you can stay organized to detailed notes from doing showings and even feedback from showings.

Because of this need, and the request by multiple customers, we have released the ability to do notes on listings.

We plan on expanding the functionality of this Listing Notes System in the future. For now, this blog post will explain the functionality that's there and how it can be used today.

Why would I use Listing Notes?

Staying Organized - Listing Notes can help you stay organized. It gives you the ability to keep notes on a property and add notes over time to a property. Keep any notes you want and continue adding to them and when you need to, go back and refer to your notes.
Showing Feedback - Listing Notes is a great place to keep track of showing feedback. As you get showing feedback from other REALTORS® and customers add that showing feedback to Listing Notes on the property. In the near future you'll even be able to automatically include the showing feedback in your Seller Reports. (If you are unfamiliar with Seller Reports check out this blog post that explains Seller Reports.)
Open House Notes - Listing Notes is a convenient area to keep open house notes. Keep track of how many people came through your open house and if you were able to engage with any new customers at the open house. You may find that this the one property that gets you new listings every time you have an open house and Listing Notes will help you keep track of this.

What are the benefits for you as a REALTOR®?

Listing Notes help you organize your life and give you digital access to property notes from anywhere, cutting the ties to paper notes.

How do you use Listing Notes?

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet™ and go to your 'Listings' under 'Active Listings'.

Step 2

Select the lead to place the comment on, and click the MLS ID.

Step 3

Select the 'Notes' tab.

Step 4

Add the desired note and click 'Add New Note' to save the note.

Step 5

Update the note and click 'Update Note'

Step 6

Delete the note by clicking on the 'Delete Note' button, and verify the deletion.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mobile customers can schedule property showings from anywhere

Do you ever use your mobile phone to lookup anything like a restaurant, or to get movie tickets, or to lookup the price of something you're looking to buy?

You're customers are no different which is why we have added the ability for customers to submit a showing request on Delta-Powered mobile real estate websites. This feature gives your customers the ability to request a showing while they are out looking at properties on their smartphone, maybe even in-front of the home they wish to see.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Bottom line is we've made it easy for your customers to schedule their own showing directly from their smartphone. The customer does not have to write down your contact information and the street address anymore. All they need to do is select the listing and request a showing from the property detail page.

If the customer is in front of the property, and they are using the location feature, there is no searching involved, it will show the house they in front of and they can request the showing while looking at the house!

Keep in mind that you're customers still have the ability to quickly call and text you as well directly from our mobile real estate solution.

What are the benefits for you, the REALTOR®?

Your customers can quickly connect with you using the method they're comfortable with. Showing request, email, phone call, or text message, the customer is control of the buying process.

How do you get this for your Agent website?

All upgraded agents have this feature already. If you're not sure if you have Delta's Mobile System please call our customer service department at 1-866-233-9833 or email us at and we will be glad to help!

What is the trending in customer behavior and mobile?

Check out this video we created that discusses mobile business and your customers.

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Please see the video below. Please keep in mind, this example uses an iPhone, for some of the older Android phones you will see a different date/time picker, but the functionality is the same.

Exporting your Customers Saved Listings may help them find the house they will fall in love with

We have re-added a feature to the DeltaNet, that was previously removed. You once again have the ability to export your Customers saved listings. Clicking the ‘Export Saved Properties’  button will download a CSV file with the Customer Saved Properties right to your computer.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

 You as the Agent have access to print out a Customer Portfolio, as a hard copy, for your Customers, to go over the likes and dislikes of each house they have looked at, so you can help the customer narrow their search to a home that will fit them perfectly.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

 As the Agent, you have knowledge that your customer does not, that is why you are the Professional. Having the ability to show your customers a hard copy of their searches may work better for some customers or Agents, it is a preference that some customers will not deviate on. This will give you the ability to go over the pros and cons of each house they have looked at and saved in their portfolio, to find the perfect Home they are looking for.

How do you print your Customers saved listings?

There are 3 steps needed to export your Customers saved listings. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet®  click on the selected customers name in the Customer Center or the Welcome Page.

Step 2

Click on the Saved Properties Icon, or scroll down to the ‘Saved Properties’ section.

Step 3

Click ‘Export Saved Properties’

Step 4

Your Customers Saved Listings will be downloaded to the location specified by your computer (usually Downloads folder unless other wise specified).


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get My Portfolio leads in the hands of your agents immediately!

Admins, what if you could automatically distribute new customer registrations to your agents? Would that take some work load off you?

Well, we've added a new feature to the DeltaNet™ Lead System that does auto broadcast My Portfolio requests (home searches) to the Agents!

What's so great about broadcasting My Portfolio requests?

Some customers that are looking for a home are not willing to wait, but are not sure how the process works, when buying a home. They may be willing to place a bid on a property right away, before someone else gets it, but afraid to contact an Agent to have a showing. Your Agents can get these customers who are looking and cultivate a relationship with them to walk them through the procedure of buying a Home, so they don't have to go it alone.

What are the benefits for your Agents?

The Agents get the opportunity to cultivate a 'Warm Lead' to a 'Sale' with the lead coming from the broadcast system. Agents get to tip the odds in their favor by cultivating every prospect for a possible sale.

What are the benefits for you, the Admin?

As Admin you have plenty to keep track of, this will lessen the odds you will have to assign the lead to an Agent, as long as the Agents have the Zip Codes entered, and the Customer's and  Agents' Zip Codes match.

How do you set this up for your Agents?

There is no set up needed, if the broadcast system is on, it is working now.
You can also select in the Lead Settings 'Include agents that have not saved a Leads & Contacts profile in broadcast pool' to broadcast out to ALL Agents not removed from the broadcast pool' to broadcast to the Agents who do not have saved Zip Codes saved in the Agent lead settings.


Q. Will this change the way any other leads are broadcast?
A. No, leads will broadcast as they have in the past.

Q. Will the Agent entered Minimum Price stop an Agent from receiving a broadcast lead?
A. Yes, the Agent entered price will not allow a price below this amount in the saved search, to be broadcast to this Agent.

Q. Can I stop broadcasts to specific Agents?
A. Yes, as Admin you can authenticate as the Agent and remove them from the broadcast pool (this will remove them from receiving any broadcast leads).

Q. Can I turn off the broadcast of only My Portfolio requests to Agents?

A. Yes, you can set the system to not treat these as leads under 'Leads & Contacts', 'Settings', and in the section 'MY PORTFOLIO AND MY HOME FINDER LEADS'. The My Portfolio requests will be assigned to the Admin as Portfolio requests.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Deciphering your digital real estate decisions

The iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S III?

Let’s make it easier: iPhone or Droid? Or Windows phone?

The iPad Mini--announced this week--or another tablet?

Kindle or Nook? Or a different reader altogether?

Mac or PC? Coke or Pepsi? Republican or Democrat? Hardwood or ceramic tile?

There is no shortage of choices in front of you. Many are digital, some are preference and a few are beliefs. The latter, you’ve formed on your own. The former, you might not have.

So you’ve conducted some research. You’ve asked your friends for their opinions, and paid attention when they’ve posted their preferences on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve read a few blogs and tuned into a few commercials. You might have even gone to store to sample devices, side by side.

These are basic steps that go into your buying process, and they’re steps that go into the buying process of your potential customers when they’re trying to decide whether to buy or sell a home, or rent, or which real estate agent to work with, or whether there’s an advantage working with an agent from one specific brokerage or franchise over another.

You know all this, and you’ve spent your career creating the value propositions for your business, which you can present to your customers through advertising and marketing, and in person when you get the chance to speak with them.

And yet, the real decisions occur long before all that. You have to decide on real estate technology applications, websites, lead management systems, digital marketing solutions, transaction management and mobile solutions, just to name a few. All of those decisions will impact your business and the offerings you bring to the table when a potential client is considering buying or selling a home with you.

And, when it comes to those decisions, you find yourself without many of the buying options you have when making other tech purchases, and that your customers have when deciding between real estate agents.

So, if you’re like many agents or brokerages, you might spend less time researching systems. You look into what others use. Perhaps you speak with a sales rep at a real estate conference or by phone, and you make a list of the functions you’re looking for, and the companies that might best meet those needs within your budget.

But chances are, you’re still not completely sold. You’ve been promised things before, and never seen them come to fruition. You were told your last real estate website would help you increase your sales, but you sat dumbfounded as they decreased. And so many new technologies offer so many features, you’re still trying to disseminate which are important and which are just fluff.

It shouldn’t be that difficult, and it doesn’t have to be. You should be able to research what’s new in technology, and how it applies to the industry. You should be able to see what new real estate websites are integrated to work with Social Media channels. You should see the features you want, rather than be sold on those you know you don’t need, that might not work as well as promised anyway.

You should be able to conduct this homework without interference. You should not only see how these solutions might help your business, but other marketing and digital strategies that can benefit your business.

You have a job to do, and that’s to sell houses. You need tools that will help you do that, and information that will help you improve your business in every way possible. You don’t need another sales rep, you need another partner--one that can offer the things you don’t have experience in, that will pair with and boost the performance of those that you do.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Group your customers so you can be more effective at marketing

We've added a new feature to our Customer Center System within the DeltaNet™. We've added the ability to group customers.

What's so great about grouping customers?

Many REALTORS™ using our DeltaNet™System use for far more than just their internet leads. They are using the DeltaNet™ to manage their business.

Because of this reality, we've added the customer grouping capabilities to Customer Center. This way you can group your customers and then use the DeltaNet™ Customer Center marketing tools to market to your groups.

The are no limitations on what groups you are able to create. You can even add the same customer into as many groups as you want. What's great is you can then email anything you want, including attachments, to the specific group of customers you want.

What types of groups would you do? How about Past Customers for customers that have made a purchase through you? The only limitation is what you're able to come up with!

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Now you can stay in contact with your customers with out having to write several Emails. This will allow you to group your customers and send one Email that is relevant to the entire group, with out having to repeat the process over and over.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

Time is precious and being efficient helps to make the best of it. Having the ability to send an Email to a group of customers saves time, as the process does not need repeated several times to reach the same number of people.

How do you set your groups?

There are 4 steps needed to setup a group. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and go to your Email Campaigns.

Step 2

Click 'Add New Group'.

Step 3

Title the Group and select the customers you would like to add to this Group and click 'Add New Group'.

Step 4

After the Group has been created, the window will tell you how many were added to the created Group. Click 'Close'.



Q. Can the same customer be in multiple groups?
A. Yes. They can be in as many groups as you need them to be in.

Q. How many customers can I have in one group?
A. You can have all of your customers in one group, there is not a limit.

Q. Can I add a group to an Email Campaign?
A. Yes.

Avoiding the same mistakes political ads make

There's no denying it's that time of the year.

You hear about it every commercial break, radio station and news story, whether you want to or not.

It's election season, and a presidential election at that.

Though you might have enormous interest, you won't be in the minority if you'd like the commercials to just stop.

You see so many that they become white noise. You drown them out without even noticing it. And for many, their message never even grazes your thought process, let alone hitting home.

And yet, election ads aren't all that different from real estate ads. All of them are washed away from the memory of the consumer almost as quickly as he or she heard them.

That’s partly due to human nature. It’s partly due to oversaturation. And it’s partly due to a lack of distinguishable message hitting home in the few seconds the ad has to capture the viewer’s attention.

Putting a sign in the yard isn't enough to sell a house or sway someone's vote. Looking and sounding like a real estate agent no longer makes you any more of a real estate agent than looking and sounding presidential makes one a candidate a president. Sure, it might help. But it’s viewed as a basic element of the job, and often taken for granted by the consumers.

Consumers are busier than ever and have more devices pushing more messages their way. They don’t want to be sold. They want the meat, and the sizzle will help make them salivate for it, while many are busy showing them the package it arrived in.

If consumers just aren’t in the market to buy or sell a house, they probably aren’t going to pay too close attention to the message you’re sending. There’s no changing that. But if they have the slightest bit of interest in the real estate market, you have an opportunity to capture their attention.

Your problem is the same problem every advertiser has, from the lowliest small-town marketer to our presidential candidates, and every politician in between.

You need to offer something different that makes a consumer want to do business with you. You need to separate yourself from other real estate agents, and the repetitious noise members of the industry might have innocently cast in the past. Coming across as a nice family person might help people like you, but it might not be enough to make them want to buy from you.

But before you can go about showing what real estate services you offer that your competitors don’t, you need to make sure you actually offer beneficial real estate services that competitors don’t. If you’re not using Delta Media Group, you might not be.

In the case that you are, you have an array of educational tools at your disposal to keep your clients educated on all the happenings in your market. You can show them weekly reports of their real estate listing, how many people are viewing it online, and how many showing requests and questions they submit.

You can keep your consumers up-to-date with detailed information on their real estate market, or the one they’re shopping in. You can show them a Market Watch report featuring average home prices, home price trends, recent sales and listing data, and a plethora of other details that will help them make an educated decision when it comes time to buy.

You can provide your consumers with testimonials of your services, rather than tell them how great of an agent you are. And you can feed them a steady stream of new blog posts talking about the market, your area, and the other points of interest they will want to research before making a purchase decision.

These are tough tasks to accomplish, but they’re the core of what makes you different from other agents; what makes you a Digital Realtor. And, little do your consumers know, they’re automated for your convenience. You can spend the largest chunk of your time working on them all, but you’d prefer to work within a system that gives you that power without the investment.

You’re tired of the politics, and you’re tired of the ads. So are your consumers. Offer them something different.

Contact Delta Media Group for more information.

Featured Listings

Featured Listing controls allow you to set which featured listings are shown on your agent home page and how long they are displayed. This allows you to set up your featured listings to match your market, or area.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

 Customers are shown listings based on the settings selected in this section, this allows you to show all of your listings or only select listings based on Market, Price, Property Category, or Lake Front Only.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

Your Customers are able to see the listings you choose to display on your website. You can even display lakefront homes, for those of you who specialize in Lake Front Properties. This section gives you the ability to have the listings rotate every 2 or more seconds. You can select your listings, with or with out the Company listings, with or with out the Office listings, All Company or Office Listings, specific listings , Agent listings plus specific listings, or Agent listings without specific listings. The Agent can also select the property category (residential, commercial, land, multi-family, or all), rotation speed of  the listings being displayed, choose a specific market, or display only a specific Price Range. After all who knows your market better than you?

How do you set this up your Featured Homes?

There are 2 steps needed to change the Featured Homes. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the DeltaNet® and go to Listing Display, under Website.

Step 2

Scroll down to the section labeled 'Featured Listing for your home page'.

Step 2a

Choose the 'Featured Type' to display on the Agent website.

Step 2b

Choose a Market to display (this will only display the listings in this Market).

Step 2c

Choose a Price Range to filter the listings. Only the listings between the top and bottom ranges will display.

Step 2d

Choose a property category, if desired, or leave it set to 'All'.

Step 2e

Select the Lake Front Properties to only display the lake front properties from the selections above.

Step 2f

Choose to have you Featured Listing rotate and select the time between the listings change.

Step 2g

Choose to have your images scaled, this will make all of the Featured Listing photos the same size. This may include a white border, to achieve this.

Step 2h

Choose to have your Featured Listings be featured on your Atlas Search (Listing Icon will show in different color), or choose to have Only your listings be featured on your Atlas Search.

Example Featured Listing

Featured Listing FAQ's

Q. Can I have more than one Featured listing show on my page?
A.  Yes, This can be changed under site design, you can select 1 or 3 featured listings.

Q.  What if I do not have any listings?
A.  You can select the Office, company or specific listings to display.

Q.  Can I set a price to display only listings past a certain price?
A.  Yes, You can set the price range of listings to display.

Q.  Can I have listings display on my web site that are not listings from my company?
A.  Yes, you can enter specific MLS IDs to display on your website.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A more intuitive interface for creating new agents

Have you ever added a new agent in the DeltaNet™only to be told that user name already exists?

This can be confusing and frustrating and ultimately you would probably reach out to our customer service department for help!

Due to multiple customer service inquiries on just this situation we have made changes to our system to make the process more intuitive.

As of today, when you add a new agent in the system and a duplicate username is found a new dialogue window is displayed giving you a detailed explanation of the problem and a method to solve the problem.

The screen show below shows the new dialogue window giving you two options.

The first option is to select a different username for the new agent. The only time you should probably do this is for a duplicate username for another active agent.

When you have an inactive agent with a duplicate username you can use the second option which will rename the inactive agent's username to something new and will allow you to use the username you want for the new agent.

Creating a user account for an Agent.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and go to 'Users'.

Step 2

Click 'Add new user'.

Step 3

Enter users first and last name, middle name (if desired), enter a simple password (first initial and last name works great), choose the account type (only Agent shows as a website) and privilege level, and the Office the Agent is based out of. Click 'Submit'.

Step 4

When the account has been successfully created you will see the message below displayed.

The Agent (or Admin in some cases) should now log into the system to add their information like: Public Email address, Agent Photo, Agent MLS ID, Phone number to display with listings. The Agent should choose their  site design (Site Design under the Website tab), and set up their listing display settings.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Changing your listing photos as your customers change their minds

Changing your listing photos is not all that difficult, you upload them to the MLS and wait for the new photos to appear on the website. Generally this process only takes a couple hours or so. But, have you ever had one of those Customers who call after you just left their house, taking new photos, asking why they do not see their new photos on the website yet. Well, as soon as you get to the office you can either upload the new photos to the MLS and wait until they are posted before they call back, or you can log into the DeltaNet® and upload the photos in mere minutes and they appear immediately.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

This gives you the ability to post the latest photos of your listings to the website, without the wait. Customers want to know you are doing what they ask of you, and most do not except excuses or blaming others as a reason for something to not be done.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

You can assure your Customers that you can update their listing photos and photo comments on an as needed basis. This will allow you to do what it is you do best, sell!

How do you change the photos for your Customer?

There are 4 steps needed to change listing photos. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and go to your Active Listings.

Step 2

select the MLS ID number and click on it.

Step 3

Select the Photos tab.

Step 4a

To change a photo comment, next to the picture you can add/edit the comment and click Update Title.

Step 4b

To replace the photo, to the right of the photo click the box Choose File and select it from the location on your computer, click Replace Photo.

Step 4c

To add additional photo, under the photos, the next box is where you would Choose File form your computer.

Note: Photos and photo comments will not be updated from the MLS feeds when changes have been made to either the actual photo or photo comments. It is our suggestion that you record the MLS ID and address to send to support (, a few days after the changes have been made at the MLS, so they can have the current listing DATA pulled from the MLS to avoid the listing not updating in the future.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Understand better what your customers are doing

It's always good to know what your customers are doing. What properties they are saving, what homes they are viewing, what property searches they are saving...this all helps!
Because of this, we've added more detailed information to our Customer Information Screen. When your customers save properties, through My Portfolio, they are shown to you on the Customer Information Screen. We've just added more detail to this section so you can now see more details on the property including when the customer saved the property and the address.

What are the benefits for your customer?

The MyPortfolio System allows your Customers to save listings they are interested in, with the crucial property information displayed on the widget.

Your customers can see, at a glance, which listings have a specific price or square feet, so they can compare listings in a widget format. They also have the ability to place comments on the widget, for their use, this will help them differentiate between the many listings a customer may have.

How do you view your customers' saved properties?

There are 2 steps needed to view your customers' saved properties. Here are the steps.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and go to your Customer Center and select the Customer by clicking on their name.

Step 2

Click on the 'Saved Properties' button to be scrolled to the 'Saved Properties' section of the screen. All of the customers saved listings are displayed here with the Address, MLS ID, Price, and Sq Ft.

How do you view what your customers' see with MyPortfolio?

Step 1

To view customer comments on the saved listings you have to go to the Processed Leads tab and search for the customer.

Step 2

Click on the 'Portfolio' button, to get the same view as the customer would have.


Q. Can my customers change their comments?
A. Yes, they can change the comments on a listing by clicking on the comment and writing a replacement comment.

Q. Can I comment on my customers' listings.
A. This feature is intended for the Customers use, if you would like to update the customer on a specific listing, Please Email them, as they will receive the information in a much more timely manner.

Q. Can the customer 'Group' their properties?
A. Yes, They can create folders to keep the listings in, they can be named for easy reference.

Helping your Customers find you on their smartphone

We updated how we display REALTORS® on our Company Mobile Real Estate Platform. We're now displaying icons for linking to REALTOR® websites and contacts. This gives customers a better user experience enabling them to more easily find your website and to engage you through a phone call. With the future of the internet moving more and more towards mobile you must be found where your customers are looking and give them the best experience possible.

What are the benefits for your Customer?

Your Customer can easily select your office and pick your picture, where they can select to see your website or call you.

What are the benefits for you, the Realtor®?

Your Customers have access to contact you or view listings from your page, increasing the odds of them becoming your Customer.

How do your Customers select my Agent Profile?

There are 5 steps needed. Here are the steps.

Step 1

 Go to the Company Mobile website.

Step 2

 Select 'Menu'.

Step 3

 Select 'Find Agent/Office'.

Step 4

 Either Enter Fist, Last name or select the office the Agent is in.

Step 5

 The Customer can select Agent, visit Agent site, or Call the Agent.


Q.  They don't know what I look like, can my Customers find me by name?
A.  Yes, After selecting 'Find Agent/Office' they can enter your first or last name.

Q.  Can my customers visit my Agent website?
A.  Yes, by clicking on the computer icon, the customer will be sent to the Agent site.

Q.  Do Customers have to use the GPS feature?
A.   No, they can choose to not have the location feature on. This will display the map with out their location on it.

Q.  If I am in more than one office, will I show on all of these offices?
A.  Yes, you will be displayed on all of the offices you are associated with.