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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A more intuitive interface for creating new agents

Have you ever added a new agent in the DeltaNet™only to be told that user name already exists?

This can be confusing and frustrating and ultimately you would probably reach out to our customer service department for help!

Due to multiple customer service inquiries on just this situation we have made changes to our system to make the process more intuitive.

As of today, when you add a new agent in the system and a duplicate username is found a new dialogue window is displayed giving you a detailed explanation of the problem and a method to solve the problem.

The screen show below shows the new dialogue window giving you two options.

The first option is to select a different username for the new agent. The only time you should probably do this is for a duplicate username for another active agent.

When you have an inactive agent with a duplicate username you can use the second option which will rename the inactive agent's username to something new and will allow you to use the username you want for the new agent.

Creating a user account for an Agent.

Step 1

Log in to the Deltanet® and go to 'Users'.

Step 2

Click 'Add new user'.

Step 3

Enter users first and last name, middle name (if desired), enter a simple password (first initial and last name works great), choose the account type (only Agent shows as a website) and privilege level, and the Office the Agent is based out of. Click 'Submit'.

Step 4

When the account has been successfully created you will see the message below displayed.

The Agent (or Admin in some cases) should now log into the system to add their information like: Public Email address, Agent Photo, Agent MLS ID, Phone number to display with listings. The Agent should choose their  site design (Site Design under the Website tab), and set up their listing display settings.
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