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Monday, October 22, 2012

Avoiding the same mistakes political ads make

There's no denying it's that time of the year.

You hear about it every commercial break, radio station and news story, whether you want to or not.

It's election season, and a presidential election at that.

Though you might have enormous interest, you won't be in the minority if you'd like the commercials to just stop.

You see so many that they become white noise. You drown them out without even noticing it. And for many, their message never even grazes your thought process, let alone hitting home.

And yet, election ads aren't all that different from real estate ads. All of them are washed away from the memory of the consumer almost as quickly as he or she heard them.

That’s partly due to human nature. It’s partly due to oversaturation. And it’s partly due to a lack of distinguishable message hitting home in the few seconds the ad has to capture the viewer’s attention.

Putting a sign in the yard isn't enough to sell a house or sway someone's vote. Looking and sounding like a real estate agent no longer makes you any more of a real estate agent than looking and sounding presidential makes one a candidate a president. Sure, it might help. But it’s viewed as a basic element of the job, and often taken for granted by the consumers.

Consumers are busier than ever and have more devices pushing more messages their way. They don’t want to be sold. They want the meat, and the sizzle will help make them salivate for it, while many are busy showing them the package it arrived in.

If consumers just aren’t in the market to buy or sell a house, they probably aren’t going to pay too close attention to the message you’re sending. There’s no changing that. But if they have the slightest bit of interest in the real estate market, you have an opportunity to capture their attention.

Your problem is the same problem every advertiser has, from the lowliest small-town marketer to our presidential candidates, and every politician in between.

You need to offer something different that makes a consumer want to do business with you. You need to separate yourself from other real estate agents, and the repetitious noise members of the industry might have innocently cast in the past. Coming across as a nice family person might help people like you, but it might not be enough to make them want to buy from you.

But before you can go about showing what real estate services you offer that your competitors don’t, you need to make sure you actually offer beneficial real estate services that competitors don’t. If you’re not using Delta Media Group, you might not be.

In the case that you are, you have an array of educational tools at your disposal to keep your clients educated on all the happenings in your market. You can show them weekly reports of their real estate listing, how many people are viewing it online, and how many showing requests and questions they submit.

You can keep your consumers up-to-date with detailed information on their real estate market, or the one they’re shopping in. You can show them a Market Watch report featuring average home prices, home price trends, recent sales and listing data, and a plethora of other details that will help them make an educated decision when it comes time to buy.

You can provide your consumers with testimonials of your services, rather than tell them how great of an agent you are. And you can feed them a steady stream of new blog posts talking about the market, your area, and the other points of interest they will want to research before making a purchase decision.

These are tough tasks to accomplish, but they’re the core of what makes you different from other agents; what makes you a Digital Realtor. And, little do your consumers know, they’re automated for your convenience. You can spend the largest chunk of your time working on them all, but you’d prefer to work within a system that gives you that power without the investment.

You’re tired of the politics, and you’re tired of the ads. So are your consumers. Offer them something different.

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