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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Become the source of Real Estate information in your market

Consumers search for information constantly.

They look for it in newspapers. They visit libraries. And, even more so, they turn to Google, news websites, blogs and other outlets.

And each and every time they find that information, they find it from another source.

That’s because you haven’t provided the information in a way consumers can find it.

It’s not a knock on your business. It certainly isn’t a criticism of your knowledge.

As a real estate agent, you’ve been through courses, attended continuing education classes, read about market trends and closely monitored what has happened in your region—over the past week, the past month, this year, and year over year since you earned your license.

You’ve attended conferences. You’ve sat in meetings. You’ve watched countless Webinars, read hundreds of articles and several books.

You’ve learned from some of the best in the business. When you were first licensed, you quickly identified who the top agents were in your office. After careful observation and a few Board of REALTORS meetings, you saw the best in your market.

You studied them. You learned their tactics. You observed how they marketed, and modeled your business after what they did well.

You also learned things you felt you could do better. You worked day and night to improve upon them.

You got to the office early. You stayed there late. You worked on weekends, and you sometimes spent too much time with your business and too little with your family.

But after all that time and dedication, you molded your business into what you wanted it to be—a successful and rewarding career that has helped you provide for your family, and helped dozens of other families find their dream homes.

Those thousands of hours of knowledge, learning and experience haven’t gone to waste. You bring them into every meeting with a seller, and each listing presentation. You teach them to your new clients when they first enter the market. You’ve used them to comfort many families that were distressed when the market turned. You didn’t provide them reassurance, but knowledge to help them make the best decision for their future.

None of your skills have been locked away. They just haven’t been out in the open for your non-customers to see. You’ve earned plenty of business through referrals and word of mouth. But you haven’t found that sweet spot yet that would help you earn business online from those consumers in the market that you haven’t had the chance to meet.

You know the ones. They might be new to the market. They’re a bit more reserved than the older generations you’ve worked with. They want to make an intelligent decision, and they want to do as much homework as they can to assure they do.

They want to know how the market is trending and how to act on it. They want to avoid bad investments, but take advantage of good ones. They want to know what other houses in the area are selling for so they know how to price theirs the right way, and how long they might expect before they sell it.

You now you can help provide this information, but they don’t necessarily want to talk to you yet. They want to find an agent online. They want to do their homework first. They want to see the stats, and they certainly do not want to be sold to.

You could benefit from a Market Watch report. You could provide an endless stream of knowledge to your customers by turning it on and allowing it to automatically send them news about your market, direct from you.

They could see the home sales trends. They could follow what houses are for sale in their neighborhood, what they’re priced at, how many there are and what has happened to them over recent periods of time.

This is information that’s free, informative, and automated from you. And it’s branded by you and your brokerage, with your contact information prominently displayed. It is categorized in bar graphs that allow users to easily follow exactly what they want to see.

You’ve struggled to express your knowledge to customers you haven’t met, but Delta Media Group now provides a tool that allows you to do so automatically and without being invasive, catering to the types of customers you want to earn more business with.

Contact Delta Media Group to learn how to leverage Market Watch reports to improve your business and new customer acquisition.
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